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by Democrat reporter

AFTER SEVERAL months of development, Left Republican Review, Ireland's foremost radical magazine, has been redesigned and relaunched. The new look publication (pictured) is available in the shops and by mail order.


Originally launched in 2000, LRR is an independent platform bringing together left, republican, feminist and green voices from across Ireland in a spirit of open debate and dialogue. The aim of the magazine is to bring together all shades of progressive and radical opinion in Ireland to discuss and debate ideological and organisational matters of concern in a constructive and positive manor.

The magazine is set to hit the streets every two months and for a subscription price of £30, the journal will be sent to your doorstep along with two books. The books, published in conjunction with Pluto Press, include Denis' O'Hearn's biography of Bobby Sands, and Eoin O'Broin's forthcoming book on Sinn Fein and the politics of left republicanism.

The current edition together some of the foremost radical voices from across Ireland and Europe. Contributors include Gerry Adams, Irish Congress of Trade Unions president David Begg, SWP academic Kieran Allen, West Belfast Economic Forum director Una Gillespie, global justice campaigner Susan George, ATGWU regional secretary Mick O'Reilly, development expert Peadar Kirby, human rights campaigner Mark Curtis and renowned British feminist Beatrix Campbell.

Gerry Adams writing in the I Say What I Like column, outlines his vision of another Ireland, 90 years after the 1916 rising.

David Begg argues that in light of the continuing levels of social and economic inequality across the island, another Ireland is not only possible but imperative.

Mick O'Reilly and Ciaran Doherty debate the issue of coalition in the 26 counties both arguing against left parties participating in right-wing governments.

Kieran Allen takes up a similar theme with respect to the ongoing social partnership negotiations, while Peadar Kirby asks if the debate about overseas development aid is focusing on the really important issues.

Una Gillespie takes stock of the equality agenda eight years after the signing of the Good Friday agreement. On the international front, Irish environmental campaigner Barry Finnegan interviews Susan George about the EU Constitution, the Services Directive and the global fight back against neo-liberalism.

Solidad Galiana assesses the recent rise of the left across Latin America and assesses its chances of political and economic success, caught as it is between the needs of local populations and the negative influence of the US. In shorter articles, Mark Curtis looks at the ongoing WTO negotiations and their implications for the worlds poorest, while Tariq Ali explores the underlying dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Iraq. The relaunch edition (issue seven) also contains an extensive book review section on the theme of the 'celtic tiger', a radical web review section, and two new features, Campaign News and a section entitled EU Watch.

Issue eight, which is currently in production and due for release in the summer, will focus on the Irish peace process while issue nine, set for release in September, will explore alternatives to neo-liberalism in Ireland and across the globe.

LRR editor Eoin O'Broin told the Irish Democrat that the response to the relaunched magazine has been excellent.

"There is little doubt that there is a real opening for such a publication," said O'Broin, "in which all sections of the Irish left can discuss important issues. To date we all have our own papers and magazines, but there has never been a successful magazine bringing all shades of progressive opinion together, under one, independent roof. That's what Left Republican Review is trying to do."

He added: "We also want to raise the level of debate within the Irish left. There are real issues which we need to resolve, hard issues which need more than just bland sloganising. So we want to have a high standard of discussion and analysis in the pages of Left Republican Review and in our published books."

While the Belfast-based editor was quick to highlight the modest aims of the publishing project, he non the less stressed the importance of such a publication.

"We are pretty modest in terms of what type of circulation we can achieve. But we think that key activists in Sinn Fein, the Irish Labour Party, the Greens as well and independents, campaign groups and other sections of the left will find LRR stimulating and will want to join the debate."

LRR7 is out now and available in selected shops or at www.leftrepublican.com. For more information about the project, or to subscribe online log on to www.leftrepublican.com or e.mail Eoin O'Broin at editor@leftrepublican.com.

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