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Cambridge Folk Festival 2009

After a break of three years, David Granville revisits Britain's premier folk festival and cocks his ear in the direction of the Celtic music acts at this year's event

2009-09-07 16:46:45
Independent Soul

David Granville reviews Kate Purcell's new solo album released on Dream Records DRCD 007

2009-06-11 08:45:15
First Things First

David Granville reviews First Things First the debut album from Scottish virtuoso harpist Ailie Robertson,

2009-04-16 14:57:13
At Last

David Granville reviews the debut solo album of Derry-based singer Maranna McCloskey

2009-04-16 09:48:34
The Story of Easter Week 1916

David Granville reviews ‘The Story of Easter Week 1916’, a series of eight radio programmes, originally broadcast by RTÉ in 1966 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rising and recently made available in Britain through the auspices of Copperplate Distribution

2009-04-14 18:32:52
Tuned Up

David Granville reviews the pure genius of Brendan Hendry, Brendan Mulholland and Paul McSherry's new album, Tuned Up

2008-11-27 06:12:33
Béal Tuinne

David Granville reviews Béal Tuinne, a collection of Irish songs bringing together the talents of traditional west Kerry musicians and those of composer Shaun Davey and singer Rita Connolly (Tara TARACD 4022)

2008-07-07 13:59:02
Sheridan's Guesthouse

David Granville reviews Sheridan's Guesthouse by Leitrim flautist Dave Sheridan and friends

2008-06-27 12:16:53
Three new traditional music releases

David Granville reviews three new traditional music offerings from the highly respected Copperplate stable: The Factory Turn (Damian O' Brien and Oliver Loughlin); Parish Platform (Rattle The Boards); Rógaire Dubh (Lorcán MacMathúna)

2008-06-20 12:21:19
Petticoat Loose

David Granville reviews Mary McPartlan's excellent follow-up to The Holland Handkerchief

2008-03-17 14:53:42
Bobby Casey: The Spirit of West Clare

Ken Keable reviews Bobby Casey: the spirit of West Clare, classic recordings of the great Irish fiddler from the '60s and '70s

2008-03-07 16:27:57
Wallop The Spot

David Granville reviews Wallop The Spot, the new album by Four Men and A Dog

2008-02-26 15:21:13
Old Boots and Flying Sandals

David Granville reviews Old Boots and Flying Sandals by Tim Dennehy

2007-08-18 11:02:17
Mise Éire/Saoirse? (DVD)

David Granville welcomes the release on DVD of two Irish documentary film classics charting the dramatic events surrounding Ireland's freedom struggle in the early decades of the 20th century

2007-08-10 14:10:19
Remember To Smile

David Granville reviews Remember To Smile, Neil McSweeney and the Gents, Little Mester Music

2007-07-21 12:52:17
Ron Kavana's Irish Ways

David Granville reviews Irish Ways: the story of Ireland in music, song and poetry (4 CD set and book box set, Proper Records)

2007-05-21 13:46:54

David Granville reviews Geantraí, various artists (available in CD & DVD formats), TG4/Gael Linn

2007-05-20 07:22:19
A Rough Shot of Lipstick

David Granville reviews Tony Reidy's latest CD, A Rough Shot of Lipstick

2007-02-10 15:35:51
The Ominous and the Luminous

David Granville reviews Mick Sands' debut album, The Ominous and the Luminous, Box Room Records, 2006,

2007-02-09 12:14:15
Wind that shakes the imperialists

David Granville reviews Ken Loach's latest film ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’

2006-09-21 08:05:50
Bloody Sunday

Sally Richardson reviews Tricycle Theatre's production of Bloody Sunday: scenes from the Saville Inquiry, edited by Richard Norton-Taylor and directed by Nicholas Kent

2005-04-13 11:36:30
Cambridge folk festival 2001

David Granville and Derek Kotz report on some of the old favourites and new talent on show at this year's Cambridge folk festival

2001-10-02 13:27:32

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