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Declan O'Brien reviews A young person's guide to surviving in London, Action Group for Irish Youth, Free

An important new guide aimed at helping young Irish people get to grips with life in the English capital has been produced by the Action Group for Irish Youth (AGIY).

Compiled and edited by Brian McCarthy and Dónal McKinney, the 'survival' guide contains a wealth of practical information, including basic do's and don'ts and where to get advice on everything from general services to housing, benefits, health, employment and education and training opportunities.

The guide also covers the basic civil rights and what to do if you fall foul of the law, rights at work, and a range of useful information for young mothers and people with disabilities.

Disappointingly, there is no mention of the Connolly Association, despite it being the oldest campaigning organisation of the Irish in Britain.

Copies of the guide, which are free of charge, can be obtained direct from AGIY (see below) or from Irish advice centres throughout London.

For further information contact: Action Group for Irish Youth, LVSRC, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA; tel. 020 7700 8137, fax 020 7700 0099, email; web:

October/November 2001

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