Illustrated history of Robert Emmet

David Granville reviews Ruan O’ Donnell’s Robert Emmet: images of the life and legacy, Wordwell, £11 approx, pbk

THIS BOOK is in every way the perfect complement to the authors magnificent two-volume political biography of Emmet, published recently by Irish Academic Press (see most recent Anonn Is Anall column by Peter Berresford Ellis).

Richly illustrated with 250 photographs of drawings, prints, documents, printed books, manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals, many of which are drawn from the National Library of Ireland’s own collection, the book covers Emmet’s life from childhood to execution and then examines the myth-making period which followed his death.

Each of its six chapters includes a short essay by the author, who also provides informative commentaries alongside its splendid illustrations. O’ Donnell's written contributions ensure that this is both an informative as well as visually pleasing bicentennial commemorative publication.

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