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2016-02-10 09:09:41
Connolly Association - change of address

The address of the Connolly Association has changed.

2011-05-11 14:16:20
Interfering commission threatened with injunction

Solicitors acting on behalf of former MEP, Patricia McKenna have written to the European Commission warning of legal action if the Commission continues with its campaign on the Lisbon Treaty

2009-09-28 17:23:11
No camp gaining ground

Despite massive media bias, the interference of Brussels, the support of big business and the massive amount of money being spent by Yes campaign, it's still too close to call as the Lisbon referendum campaign enters its final week

2009-09-28 17:17:29
British people would welcome a No vote

The Connolly Association delivered letters to the Irish Ambassador in London and No 10 Downing Street praising the Irish constitution for allowing for a referendum on the Lisbon constitutional treaty and urging prime minister Gordon Brown to reconsider his government's position not to hold a vote in Britain

2009-09-28 15:37:21
Hubert Lane and the paragons of virtue

Donal Kennedy suggests that Irish people in Britain don't always cover themselves in glory as they move down the order of ‘suspect’ communities

2009-09-21 15:55:16
Major Irish union urges No vote

UNITE, Ireland's second largest trade union is urging its 60,000 members to vote No in the referendum on the Lisbon treaty

2009-09-09 13:06:39
Letter: Ken Keable

Ken Keable points out the hypocrisy surrounding the demand for Libya to compensate the IRA’s victims

2009-09-09 08:42:02
On Pavlov, pavlova, Eric Cantona and drugs

Writer and filmmaker Paul Larkin argues that we have to take responsibility and act collectively if we are to tackle the drugs problem facing our villages, towns and cities

2009-09-08 15:33:06
Letter: Jim McConalogue

Jim McConalogue of the European Foundation argues that the EU summit strategy dealing with Ireland’s referendum was little more than a cover-up for getting round the previous No vote

2009-09-08 15:04:43
Sinn Féin and the Politics of Left Republicanism

Roy Johnston reviews Sinn Féin and the Politics of Left Republicanism Eoin Ó Broin, published by Pluto Press

2009-09-08 14:43:20
The Fenian Problem

Roy Johnston reviews The Fenian Problem:insurgency and terrorism in a liberal state by Brian Jenkins and published Liverpool University Press

2009-09-08 14:24:54
Sainted before his time

Donal Kennedy continues his Dissing the Famous series, directing his fire this time at the Irish journalist Fergal Keane

2009-09-08 14:12:39
éirígí launch No campaign

Socialist republican group éirígí launched its No to Lisbon 2 campaign at the weekend and warned voters to Never Mind the B****cks spread by the government and mainstream political parties which are urging voters to say Yes

2009-09-07 17:27:44
PANA urges No vote

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance in Ireland ‘congratulate’ EU commissioner Catherine Day for ‘coming clean’ on the EU's plans to become a world power

2009-09-07 17:13:07
Cambridge Folk Festival 2009

After a break of three years, David Granville revisits Britain's premier folk festival and cocks his ear in the direction of the Celtic music acts at this year's event

2009-09-07 16:46:45
IALC Irish unity conference statement

Statement made by Irish-American Labor Coalition president Joe Jamison to the Conference on United Ireland held at the 
Hilton Hotel, New York on 13 June 2009

2009-09-07 16:22:51
2009 Desmond Greaves Summer School

The 21st Desmond Greaves Summer School takes place at the Ireland Institute in Dublin over the weekend of 11-13 September

2009-09-01 00:20:56
No campaigners need our support

David Granville argues that solidarity with the No to Lisbon campaign is in the interest of working people throughout the EU

2009-08-31 23:25:33
No to Lisbon coalition launched

As the 2nd Lisbon treaty referendum approaches, Brian Denny reports on the recent launch of the the Vote No to Lisbon coalition in Ireland

2009-08-31 22:35:52
Birth of the Fenian Movement: James Stephens' American diary

Peter Berresford Ellis and Roy Johnston review The Birth of the Fenian Movement: American diary, Brooklyn 1859 by James Stephens, edited by Marta Ramón, UCD Pressmovement

2009-08-31 22:23:43
The genius of Father Ted

Donal Kennedy continues to lament the death of the actor Dermot Morgan, whose portrayal of the venal priest Ted Crilly in the Father Ted series lives on in the annals of television comedy history

2009-08-31 22:14:47
Propaganda as Anti-history

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Propaganda as Anti-History: Peter Hart’s The IRA and its Enemies by Owen Sheridan (introduction by Jack Lane), published by the Aubane Historical Society

2009-08-31 22:01:12
Thomas Kettle (Life and Times)

Sally Richardson reviews Thomas Kettle by Senia Paseta (Life and Times New Series), published by UCD Press in association with the Historical Association of Ireland

2009-08-31 20:21:45
The Poems of Geoffrey O'Donoghue

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Danta Sheafraidh Ui Dhonnchadha an Ghleanna (The Poems of Geoffrey O’Donoghue) with Ireland’s War Poets 1641-1653 by John Minahane, Aubane Historical Society

2009-08-31 20:09:30
Fergus O'Connor: a political life

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Feargus O’Connor: a political life by Paul A. Pickering, published the Merlin Press in its Chartist Studies series

2009-08-31 20:01:14

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Coolacrease: the true story of the Pearson executions in the Irish War of Independence by Paddy Heaney, Pat Muldowney, Philip O’Connor et al., published by the Aubane Historical Society

2009-08-31 19:44:18
The Wit of Oscar Wilde

Sally Richardson reviews The Wit of Oscar Wilde, compiled and edited by Seán McCann and published by the O’Brien Press,

2009-08-31 19:36:38
Sinn Féin in fresh unity call

Theo Russell reports on a meeting in London at which Sinn Féin's Pat Doherty spoke on the theme of'Ireland and Britain after 2010' and the British launch of a new Sinn Féin Irish unity initiative

2009-08-31 19:07:23
Three cheers for the information age

Pangloss muses on the arrest of Lt.Col. Owen McNally in Kabul in an age when technological advances have meant that we no longer need we live in ignorance of how our fellow men, women and children live, or die.

2009-08-31 18:58:13
Loyalist decommissioning announcement welcomed

Statement issued by the Connolly Association on 18 June 2009 in response to decommissioning moves by loyalist paramilitaries.

2009-08-31 18:50:43
Shaming the Devil

Donal Kennedy argues that publications like the Irish Democrat can still play a vital role in challenging the lies and distortions of the media on both sides of the Irish Sea

2009-06-11 09:27:44
Independent Soul

David Granville reviews Kate Purcell's new solo album released on Dream Records DRCD 007

2009-06-11 08:45:15
Favoured scribe of the right

Donal Kennedy continues his ‘Dissing the Famouus’ column with a swipe the right-wing, anti-Irish republican journalist Kevin Myers

2009-06-05 11:10:51
Schools of violence

Donal Kennedy takes issue with those commentators who view the main characteristic of Christian Brothers educators as a penchant for personal violence and its approval for nationalist ends

2009-06-04 11:45:44
The T&G Story 1922-2007

David Granville reviews The T&G Story: a history of the Transport and General Workers Union 1922-2007 by Andrew Murray, published by Lawrence and Wishart

2009-06-03 09:49:43
Dominican Education in Ireland 1820-1930

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Dominican Education in Ireland 1820-1930 by Máire M Kealy OP and published by Irish Academic Press

2009-06-03 09:25:17
The Irish Famine

David Granville reviews O'Brien Pocket History of The Irish Famine by Ruán O'Donnell, published by The O'Brien Press, Robert Emmet, 1798 Rebellion

2009-06-02 11:42:42
Reviews in Brief

David Granville reviews Derry Memoirs by Phil Cunningham (Guildhall Press; 50 Things You Didn't Know About 1916 by Mick O'Farrell (Mercier Press)and Great Irish Heroes by Sean McMahon (Mercier Press)

2009-06-02 11:14:08
Troubled History

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Troubled History: a 10th anniversary critique of Peter Hart’s ‘The IRA and its Enemies’ by Brian P. Murphy and Niall Meehan with an introduction by Ruan O’Donnell, published by the Aubane Historical Society

2009-05-17 15:54:48
Lest we forget: the Fighting Irish and the Great War

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Lest We Forget: the Fighting Irish and the Great War by Brendan Clifford, Aubane Historical Society

2009-05-13 17:33:10
Source of enjoyment on a wet day

Donal Kennedy finds much to commend in the multiple volumes of the Dictionary of National Biography

2009-05-13 17:16:53
Letter: Donal Kennedy

Donal Kennedy advocates the sacking of Labour's Northern Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward

2009-05-13 17:10:04
ICJ report draws lessons from Northern Ireland

The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) welcomes the publication of a major international report by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) on counter-terrorism and human rights. The report draws heavily on the organisation's own findings published in 2008

2009-04-30 11:16:42
British parties set to muddy Good Friday waters

David Granville explains why recent developments involving both the Conservative Party and the British Labour Party could harm the reconciliation process in Northern Ireland

2009-04-29 22:43:52
Sinn Fein continues to look left

David Granville examines the latest developments in Sinn Féin's efforts to forge a progressive alliance of the left in Ireland

2009-04-29 22:19:21
Light, Freedom and Song

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Light, Freedom and Song: a cultural history of modern Irish writing by David Pierce, published Yale University Press

2009-04-29 18:29:50
West Kerry and The Last Rightboy

Michael O'Sullivan reviews West Kerry and The Last Rightboy, two Plays by Jim Lucason, published by Beag Moinear Press

2009-04-29 15:28:58
God's Executioner

Michael O'Sullivan reviews God's Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the conquest of Ireland by Micheal O’Siochru, published by Faber & Faber,

2009-04-29 15:15:18
The People's Gallery

Fionnbarra O'Dochartaigh reviews a new book featuring the work of ‘The Bogside Artists’: Tom Kelly, Kevin Hasson and William Kelly

2009-04-22 10:48:38
In Search of Ireland's Heroes

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews In search of Ireland’s Heroes: the story of the Irish from the Norman invasion to the present day by Carmel McCaffrey, published in the United States by Ivan R. Dee

2009-04-19 12:33:48
First Things First

David Granville reviews First Things First the debut album from Scottish virtuoso harpist Ailie Robertson,

2009-04-16 14:57:13
At Last

David Granville reviews the debut solo album of Derry-based singer Maranna McCloskey

2009-04-16 09:48:34
The Story of Easter Week 1916

David Granville reviews ‘The Story of Easter Week 1916’, a series of eight radio programmes, originally broadcast by RTÉ in 1966 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rising and recently made available in Britain through the auspices of Copperplate Distribution

2009-04-14 18:32:52
Humbug, hypocrisy and the art of the smear

In the second of his new series ‘Dissing the famous’ Irish Democrat correspondent takes aim at the London Times

2009-04-14 15:16:48
Run it up the flagpole

Citizen Smith recounts a chance encounter with a fellow Irishman outside the South African embassy in Trafalgar Square

2009-04-13 16:28:25
British policy a 'recruiting sergeant' for dissidents

David Granville warns that Britain's response to the threat posed by ‘dissident’ republicans is both anti-democratic and a potential threat to the Good Friday process

2009-04-13 15:43:22
Dissing the Famous:

Donal Kennedy begins a new series in which he takes aim at leading figures on both sides of the Irish Sea, exposing hypocrisy and humbug along the way. He begins the series with Gay Mitchell MEP

2009-04-13 15:30:23
Ballymurphy 11 bring justice campaign to England

Mary Pearson of the Troops Out Movement reports on the recent visit of relatives of two of the 11 innocent and unarmed civilians killed by the British army during the first three days of internment in 1971

2009-04-13 15:12:05
Irish democracy and its enemies

Donal Kennedy points out that the enemies of Irish democracy from the time of Wolfe Tone to the present have been both persistent and plentiful

2009-04-13 14:46:29
New Finucane enquiry call

The 12th of February 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of the murder by loyalist gunmen, working in collusion with British security forces, of the Belfast human-rights solicitor Patrick Finucane, David Granville explains why the Finucane family and human-rights campaigners continue to demand an independent inquiry

2009-03-21 07:12:40
Sheffield Irish Festival event is a family affair

Father and son Al and Ruan O'Donnell, the former an Irish folk legend, the latter one of Ireland's most prominent historians, are set to educate and entertain Irish festival goers in Sheffield on Monday 16th March

2009-03-12 10:03:10
1916: The Long Revolution

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews 1916 – The Long Revolution. by G. Doherty and D. Keogh (eds), published by Mercier Press

2009-03-12 09:28:52
The Bombs and the Bullets: a history of deadly ingenuity

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews IRA – The Bombs and the Bullets: a history of deadly ingenuity by A.R. Oppenheimer, foreword by Richard English, published by Irish Academic Press

2009-03-12 08:47:11
Connolly Association press statement

Connolly Association press statement on issued on Monday 9 March 2009 on the deployment of the British army Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) and the attack on the British army barracks in Antrim on Sunday 8 March

2009-03-12 07:23:06
Gagging for a Royal visit

Citizen Smith comments on a campaign that has been developing in Dublin to hasten a state visit by the British monarch

2009-02-03 20:58:42
After The Wake

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Brendan Behan: after the wake, edited by Peter Fallon, published by The O’Brien Press

2009-02-01 08:13:17
Special Criminal Court 1922 - 2006

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The History and Development of the Special Criminal Court 1922-2005 by Fergal Francis Davis, published by Four Courts Press,

2009-02-01 07:48:17
History on the screen

Donal Kennedy delves into the Pathe-News archives which are now available free-to-view on the world-wide-web

2009-01-28 14:30:25
Obituary: Bob Doyle 1916 - 2009

Robert Griffiths and others pay their respects to the Irish patriot, Communist and international brigader who died recently

2009-01-27 09:48:34
Tatchell calls for Maguire repatriation

British human-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has recently written to the Irish justice minister Dermor Ahern calling upon him to support the repatriation of republican prisoner Nope Maguire, convicted in 2003 of involvement in a real IRA bombing campaign in England

2009-01-26 17:35:35
Letter: Donal Kennedy

Donal Kennedy writes in concerning Ruairi O Domhnaill's review of ‘John Redmond – the Parnellite’

2009-01-26 16:42:43
Academics call for EU/Israel links cut

Over 145 Irish academics today issued a call for the EU to cut links with Israel. We publish the story here along with their letter to the Irish Times

2009-01-23 18:44:55
Ireland still matters

David Granville believes it's time for progressives and democrats in Britain to start talking about Irish politics again

2009-01-23 13:17:13
Let Tommy Sing

David Granville argues that Channel 4's recent censorship of a rendition of ‘The Fields of Athenry’ highlights both the muddle-headed thinking behind some recent attempts to combat sectarianism in Scotland and demonstrates a worrying trend towards the censorship of songs with political content

2009-01-23 12:32:44
The Evolution of the Troubles

Roy Johnston reviews The Evolution of the Troubles 1970-72 by Thomas Hennessey, published by Irish Academic Press

2009-01-23 12:01:32
The Pedigree of a Porky

Domhnall O'Cinneide explains how shoddy journalism, political bias and deliberate misinformation get dressed up as indisputable ‘fact’ in the columns of the British press and can take on a life of their own

2009-01-23 11:30:51
Framing the West

Peter Mulligan reviews Framing the West: images of rural Ireland 1891-1920, Ciara Breathnach (ed.), foreword by Cormac Ó Gráda, published Irish Academic Press

2009-01-23 11:05:48
High Noon on High Street

Cathleen Knowles McGuirk reviews High Noon on High Street by Stephen Coyle, published by Clydeside Press

2009-01-23 10:57:26
News 2009

News and comment publish by the Irish Democrat in 2009

2009-01-23 10:41:43
Breandan MacLua, 1935 - 2009

Domhnall O’Cinneide pays tribute to campaigning Irish journalist Breandan MacLua who died earlier this month

2009-01-23 10:32:06
CA civil-rights conference report

Ken Keable reports on a special conference held in London in November to mark the 70th anniversary year of the Connolly Association's contribution to the fight for Irish unity and independence (Apologies for the late posting of this report which was due to technical difficulties experienced towards the end of last year)

2009-01-01 14:09:01
Redmond: the Parnellite

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Redmond: the Parnellite by Dermot Meleady, published Cork University Press

2008-12-15 23:18:35
The 1918 election - setting the record straight

Donal Kennedy challenges the attempts by British commentators to undermine Sinn Fein's victory at the 1918 General Election and berates those Irish politicians, journalists and academics who have adopted such spurious arguments as their own

2008-12-11 18:56:37
Wars of Words: the politics of language in Ireland 1537-2004

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Wars of Words: the politics of language in Ireland 1537-2004 by Tony Crowley and published Oxford University Press

2008-12-10 17:42:40
Female Education in Ireland, 1700-1900

Sally Richardson reviews Female Education in Ireland 1700-1900 by Deirdre Raftery and Susan M Parkes and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-12-10 06:18:36
Letters of Bernard Shaw to the Times

Sally Richardson reviews The Letters of Bernard Shaw to the Times, collected and annotated by Ronald Ford with a foreword by Michel W Pharand and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-12-10 06:05:25
The Quest For Modern Ireland

Roy Johnston reviews The Quest for Modern Ireland: the battle of ideas 1912-1986 by Bryan Fanning and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-12-09 11:36:33
Ireland Since 1939

Roy Johnston reviews Ireland since 1939: the persistence of conflict by Henry Patterson and published by Penguin

2008-12-09 11:07:15
The Irish-American in Popular Culture 1945-2000

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The Irish-American in Popular Culture 1945-2000 by Stephanie Rains and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-12-09 10:58:35
ESF calls for mobilization to strengthen workers' rights

Joint statement from the three Trade Union seminars on the ECJ judgments on Laval, Viking, Rüffert and Luxemburg cases at the ESF in Malmö 21 September 2008.

2008-12-09 10:48:13
Tuned Up

David Granville reviews the pure genius of Brendan Hendry, Brendan Mulholland and Paul McSherry's new album, Tuned Up

2008-11-27 06:12:33
Ireland gets 'Clog Award'

One of Ireland's most prominent anti-EU campaign groups has been presented with the "Clog Award” by fellow anti-EU campaigners in Denmark. It is the third time that Ireland, which rejected the Lisbon Treaty in June, has been presented with the award.

2008-11-02 00:25:43
McBride family express concern at British army march

The family of Peter McBride, the Belfast teenager murdered by Irish guardsmen Wright and Fisher, speaks out against British army parade due to take place in Belfast tomorrow

2008-11-01 23:46:27
Protests planned over controversial British army march

Fears that a controversial British army march through Belfast tomorrow will end in violent confrontation have not been dispelled by concilaitory gestures on behalf of mainstream republicanism and the MoD

2008-11-01 22:19:19
The civil rights struggle and its legacy

An article commemorating the civil rights struggle and accessing its legacy was originally published in September as a special supplement to <em>Socialist Voice</em>, the monthly publication of the Dublin District of the Communist Party of Ireland. We reproduce it here with permission.

2008-11-01 17:35:44
"Derry today is a different place" - McGuinness

Speech delivered by Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness on 4 October at an event in Derry marking the 40th anniversary Northern Ireland civil rights struggle

2008-11-01 17:17:51
MacAnespie family welcomes HET report

The family of Aidan McAnespie, who was shot and fatally wounded by a British soldier in 1988, recently issued the following statement through the independent Derry-based human rights centr the Pat Finucane Centre

2008-10-31 15:36:27
Sean Treacy And The Tan War

Michael O'Sullivan Sean Tracy And The Tan War by Joe Ambrose and published by Mercier Press

2008-09-23 10:37:07
The Life And Times Of Edward Martyn

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The Life And Times Of Edward Martyn: an aristocratic bohemian by Madeline Humphreys and published Irish Academic Press

2008-09-23 10:05:04
Rising Out: Sean Connolly of Longford

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Rising Out: Sean Connolly of Longford (1890-1921) by Ernie O’Malley, edited by Cormac O'Malley and published by UCD Press in their Classics of Irish History series

2008-09-23 09:49:06
Ronnie I hardly knew ya!

Gerry Molumby pays tribue to the gravel-throated voice of the Dubliners, Ronnie Drew, who died recently

2008-09-03 22:16:56
The Blame Game

Roy Johnston reviews The Blame Game: rethinking Ireland's sustainable development and environmental performance by Brendan Flynn, published Irish Academic Press

2008-09-02 13:05:15
The Impact Of The 1916 Rising

Ken Keable reviews The Impact Of The 1916 Rising Among the Nations edited by Ruán O’Donnell and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-09-02 12:38:37
Northern Ireland's '68

David Granville reviews Northern Ireland's '68: civil rights, global revolt and the origins of The Troubles by Simon Prince and published by Irish Academic Press

2008-08-27 14:24:01
Minister exposes plans for referendum re-run

Anti-Lisbon Treaty campaigners claim that a statement by European affairs minister Dick Roche reveals that Irish government is already planning to hold another referendum on the treaty rejected by Irish voters earlier this year

2008-08-26 21:03:40
Learning the lessons of Féile an Phobail

Prior to this year's annual Féile an Phobail, west Belfast's ever-popular community festival, Nottingham-based actor and theatre director Gerry Molumby spoke to festival chair Danny Morrison about the origins and significance of the event – and of what lessons Irish festivals in Britain could learn from it

2008-08-22 14:40:44
2008 Desmond Greaves Summer School

The 40th anniversary of the first civil rights marches in Northern Ireland provides the theme for this year's Desmond Greaves summer school. The school takes place in Dublin between 29 – 31 August.

2008-08-22 11:30:45
Blood On The Streets

David Granville reviews Blood On The Streets: the battle of Mount Street Bridge by Paul O’Brien, published Mercier Press

2008-08-22 11:11:16
Roddy Connolly And The Struggle For Socialism

Adrian Grant reviews Roddy Connolly And The Struggle For Socialism in Ireland by Charlie McGuire, published by Cork University Press

2008-08-01 16:58:01
Intervening In Northern Ireland

Roy Johnston reviews Intervening In Northern Ireland: critically re-thinking representations of the conflict, John Barry and Marysia Zalewski (eds), published by Routledge

2008-08-01 16:50:35
Protesters call for prisoner repatriation

Earlier this month, protesters gathered in Dublin’s O’Connell Street to put pressure on the Dublin and London governments to live up to their obligations to prisoners as laid down by the European Union. The protest was organised by éirígí, an Irish socialist republican party. We reproduce this report, which first appeared on éirígí's website, for information

2008-07-23 12:12:47
No campaigners reject Sarkozy 're-run' comments

Statements from The People's Movement and Sinn Fein following a meeting In Dublin on Monday 21 July with Fench president Nicolas Sarkozy

2008-07-23 09:58:27
Government still in denial over Lisbon vote

People's Movement chairperson today accused the Irish government of being in a state of denial over the result of Lisbon Treaty vote and criticed the French president for scrapping plans to meet with No-vote campaigners

2008-07-17 17:13:26
New challenge to Hart's Kilmichael account

Ten years after the publication of Peter Hart's controversial book 'The IRA and its Enemies, Niall Meehan looks back on the controversy and points to new evidence which undermines the Newfoundland historian's account

2008-07-17 15:29:12
Civil Rights commemorative website launched

Veterans of the civil rights struggle in the six counties have launched a 40th anniversary commemorative website

2008-07-11 13:09:24
British urged to allow access to atrocity documents

Justice For the Forgotten, which represents victims and survivors of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, today welcomed the all-party support in the Dáil for a motion urging the British government “to allow access by an independent, international judicial figure to all original documents held by the British government relating to the atrocities”.

2008-07-10 16:05:32
Béal Tuinne

David Granville reviews Béal Tuinne, a collection of Irish songs bringing together the talents of traditional west Kerry musicians and those of composer Shaun Davey and singer Rita Connolly (Tara TARACD 4022)

2008-07-07 13:59:02
Irish say No to Lisbon Treaty

Brian Denny of Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution explains the impact of the Irish people's historic No vote

2008-07-04 14:46:57
The Lisbon Treaty is dead

A statement on the Lisbon Treaty referendum result by the Communist Party of Ireland

2008-07-04 12:00:06
Centre challenges four post-Lisbon falsehoods

Media statement on the post-Lisbon Treaty situation issued on 25 June by the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre

2008-07-04 11:32:07
Great Hatred, Little Room

Tom Griffin reviews Great Hatred, Little Room: making Peace in Northern Ireland by Jonathan Powell, published by Bodley Head

2008-07-04 10:45:04
Relative of collusion victim tours England

The issue of collusiom between loyalist paramilitaries and British state forces came to the fore during the recent visit to England, at the invitation of the Troops Out Movement, of collusion victim relative Robert McClenaghan. We reproduce here for information a report of Robert McClenaghan's supplied by TOM

2008-07-03 10:40:15
Strathaven Martyr remembered

Report of the 1820 Society annual commemoration in honourof the Scottish radical leader James Wilson, which took palce was held on 14 June in Strathaven, Scotland

2008-07-02 11:39:57
Bloomsday in Northampton

To celebrate Bloomsday (June 16) 2008, the Irish Community Arts Project presented their annual Bloomsday event at the graveside of Anna Lucia Joyce, daughter of James and Nora Joyce, at Kingsthorpe Cemetery in Northampton. Short report and pictures.

2008-07-01 14:06:56
Towards Irish unity

Speaking at the London Irish Centre in Camden, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams gave a progress report on the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements and emphasised the need to mobilise support in Britain for Irish unity. We publish here an edited version of his speech.

2008-06-30 12:32:02
Sheridan's Guesthouse

David Granville reviews Sheridan's Guesthouse by Leitrim flautist Dave Sheridan and friends

2008-06-27 12:16:53
Three new traditional music releases

David Granville reviews three new traditional music offerings from the highly respected Copperplate stable: The Factory Turn (Damian O' Brien and Oliver Loughlin); Parish Platform (Rattle The Boards); Rógaire Dubh (Lorcán MacMathúna)

2008-06-20 12:21:19
Green MEPs urge Irish voters not to be swayed by outside pressure

Prominent European Green MEPs, Caroline Lucas (UK) and Carl Schlyter (Sweden) have sent messages of support to those campaigning for a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum

2008-06-12 11:33:48
Left To The Wolves: Irish victims of Stalinist terror

Fintan Lane reviews Left To The Wolves: Irish Victims of Stalinist terror by Barry McLoughlin, published by Irish Academic Press

2008-04-21 17:48:19
Gerry Fitt: political chameleon

David Granville reviews Gerry Fitt: a political chameleon by Michael A. Murphy (foreword by Tim Pat Coogan), published by Mercier Press

2008-03-27 14:41:08
In their own words

Central to the British Labour government's justification for denying the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has been that the ‘new’ treaty is fundamentally different. Some of the EU's most senior politicians beg to differ

2008-03-17 18:27:38
Petticoat Loose

David Granville reviews Mary McPartlan's excellent follow-up to The Holland Handkerchief

2008-03-17 14:53:42
Paisley forced to bow out

David Granville comments on the recent announcemnet by DUP leader Ian Paisley that he is to stand down as party leader and Stormont first minister in May

2008-03-13 18:26:40
Gregory joins No campaign

Those campaigning for a No vote in the coming Lisbon Treaty referendum have welcomed the support of independent TD Tony Gregory

2008-03-13 18:16:05
Sean McLoughlin

Charlie McGuire sheds some light on the important but largely forgotten role played by Sean McLoughlin in Ireland's independence struggle and the civil war which followed the signing of the Treaty with Britain

2008-03-13 15:21:48
Communists and the Irish civil war

Historian Charlie McGuire outlines the role of Irish communists in the civil war of 1922-23

2008-03-13 14:11:00
Time to vote for something better

The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre sets out what it sees as the main implications of the Lisbon Treaty and why Irish citizens should vote No in the coming referendum

2008-03-12 12:10:30
Civil rights commemoration planned

Work is underway to stage events throughout the six counties to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Northern Ireland's civil rights stuggle

2008-03-11 14:44:50
CND votes to oppose treaty

Irish CND members attending the organisation's recent AGM gave their overwhelming backing to a motion calling for a ‘No’ vote in the coming Lisbon Treaty referendum

2008-03-11 12:39:56
Queen's Rebels: Ulster loyalism in historical perspective

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaíll reviews Queen’s Rebels: Ulster loyalism in historical perspective by David W. Miller, published by UCD Press,

2008-03-07 17:22:50
Bobby Casey: The Spirit of West Clare

Ken Keable reviews Bobby Casey: the spirit of West Clare, classic recordings of the great Irish fiddler from the '60s and '70s

2008-03-07 16:27:57
Wallop The Spot

David Granville reviews Wallop The Spot, the new album by Four Men and A Dog

2008-02-26 15:21:13
The Origin Of The Troubles

Roy Johnston reviews Northern Ireland: the Origin of the Troubles by Thomas Hennessey and published by Gill Macmillan

2008-02-12 12:13:53
Union to campaign for a 'No' vote

Unite, one of Ireland's largest unions is to campaign for a no' vote in the coming Lisbon Treaty referendum

2008-02-08 11:56:16
Appeal for taoiseach to end 'boot-boy' tactics

Opponents of the Lisbon Treaty have called upon Irish taoiseach Bertie Ahern to desist from using ‘boot-boy’ tactics and to acknowledge the legitimate concerns of those on the No side of the referendum argument

2008-02-05 14:01:33
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson: a political soldier by Keith Jeffery, published by Oxford University Press

2008-02-04 14:02:51
Call for early establishment of Referendum Commission

Prominent figures urge the Irish government to call the Referendum Commission into being well in advance of the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

2008-02-04 13:45:00
Ireland And The Cold War

Joe Jamison reviews Ireland And The Cold War: diplomacy and recognition, 1949-63 by Paula A. Wylie and published Irish Academic Press

2008-02-04 13:14:04
Still fighting for truth on collusion

Theo Russell reports on the recent Bloody Sunday commemoration event in London

2008-02-04 13:10:05
EU illusions shattered

Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution spokesperson Brian Denny exposes the anti-union agender at work within the EU and underscores the need in Britain for a referendum on the currently being debated by the BRitish parliamentremamed treaty

2008-01-21 13:12:56
News 2008

News and comment from the Irish Democrat 2008

2008-01-21 13:00:56
Irish Republicanism In Scotland 1858-1916

Stephen Coyle reviews Irish Republicanism In Scotland 1858-1916: Fenians in exile by Mairtin Sean O’Cathain, published by Irish Academic Press

2008-01-09 11:10:06
More support needed for Irish in Britain

A report published by a committee of the Irish-Britisn Inter-Parliamentary Body highlights the need for greater support for Irish community living in Britain

2007-11-27 14:06:50
Remembering the Manchester Martyrs

On the one-hundred-and-fortieth anniversary of the execution of the three innocent Fenians, David Granville previews a one-day conference at the Working Class Movement Library in Salford to commemorate this event

2007-11-23 12:02:07
Giuliani angers Irish-America

US Republican Party presidential hopeful Rudi Giuliani's recent acceptance of the Margaret Thatcher ‘Medal of Honour’ has not gone down well with Irish-Americans

2007-11-15 11:17:11
New light shed on IRA's Border Campaign

Irish historian Ruan O'Donnell to shed new light on the IRA's Border Campaign at a meeting in London on 14 November organised by the Four Provinces Bookshop

2007-11-13 13:30:08
The Irish Conservative Party

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The Irish Conservative Party 1852-1868: land, politics and religion by Andrew Shields, published by Irish Academic Press

2007-11-13 13:07:46
A Provisional Dictator: James Stevens

Michael O'Sullivan reviews A Provisional Dictator: James Stephens and the Fenian movement by Marta Ramon, published by UCD Press,

2007-11-13 12:59:35
Signs of re-alignment in the unionist camp

David Granville suggests that the honeymoon in the north could soon be over as tensions and divisions mount within the unionist/loyalist camp and the need for decisions in key policy areas approaches

2007-10-05 13:47:03
Call for Aegis' expulsion from Iraq

David Granville looks at how the mother of murdered Belfast teenager Peter McBride has top mercenary Tim Spicer in her sights

2007-10-05 13:21:07
Re-assessing the 50s Border Campaign

John Murphy praises a fresh look at the IRA's border campaign of the late 1950s

2007-10-05 12:51:13
Old Boots and Flying Sandals

David Granville reviews Old Boots and Flying Sandals by Tim Dennehy

2007-08-18 11:02:17
Mise Éire/Saoirse? (DVD)

David Granville welcomes the release on DVD of two Irish documentary film classics charting the dramatic events surrounding Ireland's freedom struggle in the early decades of the 20th century

2007-08-10 14:10:19
House Resolution 740

In May 2006, the US Congress passed a resolution condemning the 2005 Enquiries Act, a rare example of the US Congress formally criticising a British act of parliament. The full text of that resolution is reproduced here for reference purposes

2007-07-31 12:04:35
Enemies Of Empire

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Enemies of Empire: new perspectives on imperialism, literature and historiography, Eoin Flannery and Angus Mitchell (eds), published by Four Courts Press

2007-07-26 14:07:53
Proposed EU treaty an assault on democracy

Anthony Coughlan of the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre identifies four important aspects of the proposed revised EU constitutional treaty and explains why democrats everywhere should oppose it

2007-07-26 13:02:04
Debating the peace process

Theo Russell reports on a recent cross-party meeting on the Irish peace process hosted by the Islinton North branch of the Labour Party

2007-07-25 14:25:36
2007 Greaves Summer School

Programme of the 19th Desmond Greaves Summer

2007-07-21 13:42:40
Stepping stone to unity

Far from being the ‘final settlement’ suggested by British ministers, the restoration of the Good Friday institutions represents a further move towards British withdrawal and the reunification of Ireland, and presents new challenges and opportunities for the left in Britain, argues Ken Keable

2007-07-21 13:29:51
Remember To Smile

David Granville reviews Remember To Smile, Neil McSweeney and the Gents, Little Mester Music

2007-07-21 12:52:17
The Northern IRA

Fintan Lane reviews The Northern IRA and the Early Years of Partition, 1920–1922, Irish Academic Press by Robert Lynch, published by Irish Academic Press

2007-07-21 11:55:51
The Meaning Of Life

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews The Meaning of Life by Terry Eagleton, published by Oxford University Press

2007-07-21 11:41:56
Reviews in Brief

Ruán O'Donnell reviews The Irish Army in the Congo, 1960-1964, The Far Battalions by David O'Donoughue, published by Irish Academic Press, and Broken Rails: crashes and sabotage on Irish railways by Brian Mac Aongusa, published by Currach Press

2007-07-20 14:15:30
Essay on Irish Bulls

Michael O'Sullivan reviews An Essay on Irish Bulls by Maria Edgeworth, Jane Desmarais and Marilyn Butler (eds), published by UCD Press in its Classics of Irish History series

2007-07-20 13:00:23
Intelligence, Statecraft and International Power

Roy Johnston reviews Intelligence, Statecraft and International Power, Eunan O'Halpin, Robert Armstrong and Jane Ohlmeyer (eds), published by Irish Academic Press

2007-07-20 12:42:10
Ireland's Great Famine

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Ireland's Great Famine: interdisciplinary perspectives by Cormac O Grada, published by UCD Press,

2007-07-20 12:16:43
Irish Women Religious

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Made Holy: Irish Women Religious at home and abroad. Yvonne McKenna, Irish Academic Press

2007-07-20 11:58:10
Seán O’Hegarty biography

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Seán O’Hegarty: O/C First Cork Brigade, Irish Republican Army by Kevin Girvin Aubane Historical Society

2007-07-20 11:40:54
Over there comes over here

David Granville looks at some recent examples of how the British presence in Ireland continues to have consequences for democracy in Britain

2007-06-04 10:13:52
Equality fault-line opens

David Granvillle argues that measures designed to tackle inequality are already proving to be a source of division between unionists and nationalists at Stormont

2007-06-04 09:54:54
The 'teflon' taoiseach does it again

David Granville provides some initial thoughts on the 2007 twenty-six county General Election results

2007-05-28 18:13:12
Ron Kavana's Irish Ways

David Granville reviews Irish Ways: the story of Ireland in music, song and poetry (4 CD set and book box set, Proper Records)

2007-05-21 13:46:54

David Granville reviews Geantraí, various artists (available in CD & DVD formats), TG4/Gael Linn

2007-05-20 07:22:19
Hunger Strike, reflections

David Granville reviews Hunger Strike, reflections on the 1981 hunger strike, Danny Morrison (ed.), published by Brandon

2007-05-19 18:46:25
Irish women trade union pioneers

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8) in 2007, the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and SIPTU, have produced a pack of postcards depicting some of the women ‘pioneers’ of the labour and trade union movement.

2007-05-17 16:36:48
Loughall: 20 years on

Photographer Louise Jefferson recently attended events marking the 20th anniversary of the Loughall massacre and here provides a moving personal account of her visit

2007-05-17 13:26:46
Unity: closer than anyone thinks

Connolly Association president Moya St Leger argues that Irish citizens remain unprepared for unity

2007-05-17 10:11:05
The dawning of a new era?

Writing a few days before the re-establishment of the Stormont assembly, David Granville looks towards the resumption of the Good Friday process

2007-05-17 09:58:14
Equality, The Unfinished Agenda

Joe Jamison reviews Equality in Northern Ireland: the Rhetoric and the Reality, Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ)

2007-04-25 22:37:03
The IRA and Armed Struggle

Sean Carey reviews The IRA and Armed Struggle by Rogelio Alonso, Routledge

2007-04-25 22:05:49
Women of the Dáil:

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Women of the Dáil: Gender, Republicanism and the Anglo-Irish Treaty by Jason Knirck, foreword by Maria Luddy, Irish Academic Press

2007-04-25 16:37:48
The Open Secret of Ireland

Ian Mc Keane reviews The Open Secret of Ireland by Thomas Kettle (new introduction by Senia Pašeta), UCD Press Classics of Irish History series

2007-04-25 16:19:35
Galway and the Great War

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Galway and the Great War by William Henry, Mercier Press

2007-04-25 16:09:26
Irish Flames

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Irish Flames: Peter Waller’s true story of the arrival of the Black and Tans by John Waller, Yiannis Books

2007-04-25 12:04:48
The Ivy Leaf: the Parnells remembered

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The Ivy Leaf: the Parnells remembered by Donal McCartney and Pauric Travers, UCD Press

2007-04-25 11:59:19
Souvenirs of Irish Footprints Over Europe

Ian McKeane reviews Souvenirs of Irish Footprints Over Europe by Eugene Davis (edited and with an introduction by Owen McGee), UCD Press

2007-04-25 11:50:59
Fron-Goch and the birth of the IRA

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Fron-Goch and the birth of the IRA by Lyn Ebenezer, Gwas Carreg Gwalch

2007-04-25 11:43:03
Sophie Bryant (part 2)

The second installment of Peter Berresford Ellis's two-part feature on the life and work of the Irish feminist, educationalist and nationalist, Sophie Bryant

2007-04-24 13:40:42
Dublin Then and Now

Sally Richardson reviews Dublin Then and Now by Louise Jefferson (foreword by Robert Ballagh), Brehon Press

2007-04-20 12:42:47
US labour organisations back Connolly film

Two US labour groups, the Irish-American Labor Coalition (IALC) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, have announced that they are each to make a $10,000 investment in the forthcoming film about the life of James Connolly

2007-03-27 17:25:26
Who Stole Our Game: the fall and fall of Irish soccer

Gerry Kelly reviews Who Stole Our Game: the fall and fall of Irish soccer by Daire Whelan and published by Gill & Macmillan

2007-03-27 15:08:34
Civilizing Ireland: Ordnannce Survey 1824-1842

Roy Johnston reviews Civilizing Ireland: Ordnannce Survey 1824-1842, ethnography, cartography, translation by Stiofain O Cadhla and published by Irish Academic Press

2007-03-27 14:22:06
Irish Studies Review (Vol.15, number 1)

Roy Johnston reviews the latest issue of the Irish Studies Review

2007-03-27 14:02:58
Sophie Bryant (part 1)

The first installment of Peter Berresford Ellis's two-part feature on the life and work of the Irish feminist, educationalist and nationalist, Sophie Bryant

2007-03-13 14:43:49
Censorship in the two Irelands

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Censorship in the Two Irelands, 1922-1939 by Peter Martin (foreword by Diarmaid Ferriter) and published by Irish Academic Press

2007-03-13 14:12:19
Eddie's Own Aquarius

Peter Mulligan reviews Eddie's Own Aquarius – a special edition of the well-respeted literary journal

edited for over 35 years by Irishman Eddie Linden
2007-03-13 13:54:05
Irish Freedom

David Granville reviews Irish Freedom: the history of nationalism in Ireland by Richard English, Macmillan

2007-03-13 13:42:47
Mac Curtain Family Memoir

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Remember it's For Ireland: a family memoir of Tomas Mac Curtain by Fionnula Mac Curtain, Mercier Press

2007-03-13 13:01:28
Irish Times Book of the 1916 Rising

Declan O'Brien reviews The Irish Time Book of the 1916 Rising by Shane Hegarty and Fintan O'Toole, Gill and Macmillan, ISBN13:978-07171-4191-3

2007-03-13 12:18:20
The Philosophy of Irish Ireland

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews The Philosophy of Irish Ireland by D P Moran (ed. Patrick Maume), UCD Press Classics of Irish History series

2007-03-13 12:07:49
The Burning of Cork

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews The Burning of Cork


Gerry White and Brendan O’Shea Mercier Press

2007-03-13 11:50:14
Flanagan must go - for all our sakes

David Granville argues that the presence of Ronnie Flanagan as head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Police in England and Wales is another example of how the legacy of the British state's counter-insurgency activities in Ireland continues to cast a murky shadow over everyone in Britain

2007-03-13 10:22:18
Ireland and India

Avtar Sadiq reviews Ireland and India: colonies, culture and empire, Tadhg Foley and Maureen O'Connor (eds) published by Irish Academic Press. The book includes a foreword by Saurabh Kumar

2007-02-27 14:55:43
Music, film, theatre reviews

Music, film and theatre reviews in the Irish Democrat

2007-02-16 12:51:20
Hain rules out deadline extension

British secretary of state Peter Hain warns rules out any extension of the 25 deadline on establishing a power-sharing executive (IAIS agency report)

2007-02-16 12:22:39
Another step on the road back to civil rights approach

David Granville argues that the British government needs to come to the aid of unionists by persuading them that their best interests lie in an accomodation with nationalists on the basis of the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements – and ultimately within a united Ireland

2007-02-15 18:59:18
Handloom Weavers in Ulster’s Linen Industry

Dorothy Calvert reviews Handloom Weavers in Ulster’s Linen Industry, 1815-1914, by Kevin J. James, Four Courts Press

2007-02-15 18:31:31
Landlords, Tenants, Famine

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Landlords, Tenants, Famine: the business of an Irish agency in the 1840s by Desmond Norton, UCD Press

2007-02-13 10:52:24
Edmund Burke's Irish Identities

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Edmund Burke's Irish Identities, Sean Patrick Donlan (ed), Irish Academic Press

2007-02-13 10:38:08
A Rough Shot of Lipstick

David Granville reviews Tony Reidy's latest CD, A Rough Shot of Lipstick

2007-02-10 15:35:51
The Ominous and the Luminous

David Granville reviews Mick Sands' debut album, The Ominous and the Luminous, Box Room Records, 2006,

2007-02-09 12:14:15
The Sage of Science

Roy Johnston reviews

J D Bernal: The Sage of Science, by Andrew Brown, Oxford University Press,
2007-01-30 21:58:24
Kathleen Lynn: Irishwomen, patriot, doctor

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews

Kathleen Lynn: Irishwomen, patriot, doctor


Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh Irish Academic Press

2007-01-30 21:47:47
When is a deadline not a deadline?

Originally published in December 2006, David Granville argues that the countdown towards Blair's departure from Number 10 well underway, the British prime minister remains keen to ensure that failure in Ireland is not added to a legacy which is already set to be dominated by the catastophy resulting from the invasion and occupation of Iraq

2007-01-30 14:50:05
Hain and NIO officials accused over appointment

Direct rule minister Petet Hain and NIO officials came under fire in December after a High Court judge ruled that the appointment of Bertha McDougall as Interm Victim Commissioner had been motivated by “improper political purpose”

2007-01-30 13:52:16
Local government - reform or embryonic repartition?

Although posing a danger of further entrenching sectarian divisions, local government reforms give Sinn Féin an opportunity to demonstrate a better model of governance in Ireland, writes Tommy McKearney

2007-01-30 13:33:22
Europe in Focus: the Anthony Coughlan column (January/07)

The Irish Democrat's Dublin correspondent, Anthony Coughlan, highlights key developments within the EU with serious implications for democracy, workers' rights and peace

2007-01-30 13:13:13
Irish Self-Determination League of Great Britain, 1919-24

Peter Berresford Ellis examines the role and significance of the Irish Self-Determination League of Great Britain (1919-1924), established in London during the Irish War of Independence

2007-01-30 12:21:37
Collusion - a conspiracy of silence

The British media's coverage and treatment of events in the north treatment reveal where their press priorities lie, writes Mick Hall

2007-01-30 11:34:09
The battle for rights

Progressives are taking an inclusive approach towards drafting an enforceable Bill of Rights in the North. But their focus on giving the legislation a robust social and economic dimension has irked reactionary unionism and alarmed the NIO, writes Deasúin Ó Donghaile

2007-01-30 08:00:10
Fresh investigation into Fullerton murder

Police ombudsman Nuala O'Loan is investigating part of the circumstances surrounding the 1991 murder of Co Donegal Sinn Fein councillor Eddie Fullerton. In a separate case, the families of six men murdered by the Ulster Volunteer Force recently lobbied Westminster MPs to press for an investigation into the claims

2007-01-29 23:02:19
New MI5 base to monitor both sides of Irish Sea

A new MI5 intelligence-gathering base in Belfast destroys the new beginning envisaged in the Good Friday Agreement, writes Fr Joe McVeigh

2007-01-29 20:52:29
Peaceful Road to a united Ireland

Sinn Féin's ‘civil rights’ strategy is the only way forward for republicans and should be complimented by increased lobbying of MPs in Britain, argues John Murphy

2007-01-29 18:32:22
Republicans need to retain critical perspective on policing

Sinn Féin acknowledges that the PSNI as a policing agency will not weaken republicanism, so long as its agenda for change is not compromised, writes Féilim Ó hAdhmaill

2007-01-29 18:00:50
Sutton Hoo!

Christy Evans reports on Seachtain na Gaeilge – the global celebration of the Irish language (Irish language article)

2007-01-29 15:35:11
Spies, Informers and the 'Anti-Sinn Fein Society'

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Spies, Informers and the ‘Anti-Sinn Féin Society’: The Intelligence War in Cork City 1920-1921 by John Borgonovo, foreword by Eunan O’Halpin, Irish Academic Press

2007-01-29 13:24:36
Michael Collins and the Treaty

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews ‘I Signed My Death Warrant’: Michael Collins and The Treaty by T. Ryle Dwyer, Mercier Press

2007-01-29 13:04:32
Dan Breen and the IRA

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Dan Breen and the IRA by Joe Ambrose, Mercier Press

2007-01-29 12:50:19
Killing Finucane

Ken Keable reviews Killing Finucane – murder in defence of the realm by Justin O’Brien, Gill & MacMillan

2007-01-29 12:33:45
Advance Irish Unity: subscribe or donate now!

The Irish Democart needs to boost its financial resources and circulation if it is to sustain and develop its role in campaigning for a united and independent Ireland and continue to expose the nefarious nature of Britain's involvement

2007-01-25 16:52:27
Rossport's war of attrition

Padraig O’Meschoíl reports from Rossport, Co Mayo where local opposition to oil giant Shell’s plans to build a dangerous gas pipeline close to homes has turned into one of Ireland’s most high-profile campaigns for justice (This article originally appeared in the October/November print edition of the Irish Democrat, but due to technical difficulties has only recently become available for publication on our web edition)

2007-01-25 16:21:58
Iceland - a country of distinctive modernity

Christy Evans writes that the cold beauty of Iceland is matched by its inhabitants cold loathing for a major US airbase located in the country (Irish language article)

2007-01-25 15:00:21
The Connolly Association was there at the start

John Murphy reminds us that the Connolly Association and the late Desmond Greaves were the first to come up with the idea of a civil rights campaign to undermine reactionary unionism – and that power sharing offers republicans the opportunity to develop creative ways of persuading key sections of unionism that a unitary state is in their best interests

2007-01-25 10:55:02
*Is equality at risk from the St Andrew's deal?

Deasun O Donghaile examines the likely implications for equality in the north of the St Andrew's deal

2007-01-25 10:11:55
*Policing issue will not be last big hurdle to power sharing

Tommy McKearney argues that better options than accepting PSNI policing in its present form exist for republicans

2007-01-25 09:47:57
News 2007

News and comment from the Irish Democrat 2007

2007-01-25 09:38:06
Collusion evidence: trickle becomes a flood

David Granville bemoans the lack of response in Britain to growing evidence of collusion between the state and its agents in acts of violence and murder on both sides of the Irish border

2006-12-30 12:48:33
Getting away with murder

English campaigner Ken Keable argues that mainstream media complicity in British colonial rule has played a significant role in the British public's indifference to news about Northern Ireland and continues to allow the British state to get away with murder

2006-12-30 10:23:42
Irish Studies Review (14/2&3)

Roy Johnston reviews Irish Studies Review, Vol 14, nos 2 and 3; Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)

2006-12-29 18:14:15
Acting Irish in Hollywood

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Acting Irish in Hollywood: from Fitzgerald to Farrell by Ruth Barton published by Irish Academic Press

2006-12-29 10:58:25
The Young Rebels

Michael O'Sullivan reviews The Young Rebels by Morgan Llywelyn, O'Brien Pres

2006-12-29 10:40:29
A step on the road to unity

David Granville asks opponents of the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements to end their fixation on ‘texts’ and concentrate on the ‘process’

2006-12-29 10:12:15
Migration study seeks participants

A new research project at Queen’s University, Belfast, is to investigate migration to Northern Ireland. Researchers hope to gain an insight into the reasons why some of those people who migrated in the 1970’s and 1980’s have chosen to stay away, while others have returned home.

2006-12-27 15:18:19
Honorary doctorate for ID columnist

Irish Democrat columnist, historian and novelist Peter Berresford Ellis, is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Literature by the University of East London

2006-12-27 15:03:07
Martin Flannery (an appreciation)

David Granville pays tribute to the former Sheffield MP Martin Flannery, a fighter for his class and a true friend of Ireland

2006-12-27 13:37:39
Relax - we're all Anglo-Saxon anyway!

Peter Berresford Ellis takes issue with Professor Stephen Oppenheimer's claim to have dropped a “bombshell” amongst Celtic scholars by concluding that the populations of Britain have not changed, biologically at least, from pre-Celtic through Celtic to the Anglo-Saxon

2006-11-23 17:58:38
The Politics of Northern Ireland

Ken Keable reviews The Politics of Northern Ireland: beyond the Belfast Agreement by Arthur Aughey, Routledge

2006-11-23 15:49:05
Ireland and the Global Question

Joe Jamison reviews Ireland and the Global Question by Michael J. O’Sullivan, Cork University Press

2006-11-23 15:26:03
Founded on Fear

Ian McKeane reviews Founded on Fear by Peter Tyrrell (Diarmuid Whelan ed.), Irish Academic Press

2006-11-23 13:55:05
Cork Through European Eyes

Ian McKeane reviews As Others Saw Us: Cork through European Eyes, Joachim Fischer and Grace Neville (eds), Collins Press

2006-11-23 13:22:49
The Lady Next Door

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews The Lady Next Door by Harold Begbie, UCD Press, Classics of Irish History

2006-11-23 12:44:16
Con Cremin: Ireland's wartime diplomat

Roy Johnston reviews Con Cremin: Ireland's wartime diplomat by Niall Keogh, Mercier Press

2006-11-21 16:14:21
MacBride: 'Irish Statesman and Revolutionary'

Roy Johnston reviews An Irish Statesman and Revolutionary: the nationalist and internationalist politics of Sean MacBride by Elizabeth Keane, I B Tauris

2006-11-21 15:23:00
Michael Collins and the Women Who Spied for Ireland

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews Michael Collins and the Women Who Spied for Ireland by Meda Ryan, Mercier Press

2006-11-21 15:02:19
The Phoenix Park Murders

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews The Phoenix Park Murders: conspiracy, betrayal and retribution by Senan Molony, Mercier Press

2006-11-21 14:49:15
Emergency Law in Independent Ireland

Ruaírí Ó Domhnaill reviews Emergency Law in Independent Ireand 1922-1948 by Seosamh Ó Longaigh. Four Courts Press

2006-11-21 14:29:01
Nothing But An Unfinished Song

Michael O'Sullivan reviews Nothing But An Unfinished Song by Denis O’ Hearn, Pluto Press

2006-11-21 13:54:03
A Biographical Dictionary of Cork

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews A Biographical Dictionary of Cork, Tim Cadogan and Jeremiah Falvey (eds), Four Courts Press

2006-11-21 13:34:53
Keeping us in the dark?

David Granville asks whether the trend to ‘editionalise’ newspapers is being used to keep the British public ignorant of successive governments' responsibility for criminal and anti-democratic acts conducted by state military forces and security agencies throughout the conflict in Ireland

2006-09-29 09:57:29
Wind that shakes the imperialists

David Granville reviews Ken Loach's latest film ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’

2006-09-21 08:05:50
2006 Greaves Summer School

Ken Keable reports on the 2006 Greaves Summer School, held in Dublin at the end of August

2006-09-21 06:20:00
DUP dismisses November deadline

Paul Donovan reports on an important fringe meeting on the future of the Irish peace process meeting held during the recent British Trades Union Congress

2006-09-21 06:09:30
Garvaghy Road residents renews support call

The Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition is appealing for support, national and international, following the decision of the Parades Commission to allow the Orange Order to march through the nationalist area of Portadown on 23 September in opposition to the wishes of the local community

2006-09-16 09:38:29
Century of Endeavour

Ruán O'Donnell reviews Century of Endeavour, a biographical and autobiographical view of the twentieth century in Ireland by Roy H.W. Johnston, Tyndall Publications/The Lilliput Press

2006-09-12 11:57:45
Women and Unionism in Northern Ireland

Ruaírí Ó Dohmnaill reviews Women, Unionism and Loyalism in Northern Ireland; from ‘tea-makers’ to political actors by Rachel Ward, Irish Academic Press

2006-09-12 11:39:35
Bob Doyle: Brigadista

Ken Keable and Robert Griffiths review Brigadista – an Irishman’s fight against fascism by Bob Doyle, Currach Press

2006-09-08 16:50:30
Directory of Historic Locations

David Granville reviews Where's Where in Dublin: a directory of historic locations 1913-23 by Joseph E. A. Connell Jnr, Four Courts Press and Dublin City Council

2006-09-08 15:06:23
Róisín Bán

Declan O'Brien reviews Róisín Bán: the Irish in Leeds by Corinne Silva (foreward by Dermot Bolger, introduction Brendan McGowan), Leeds Irish Health and Homes

2006-09-08 14:35:07
'One of a kind' Welshman and friend of Ireland

Peter Berresford Ellis offers a personal memory of Kenneth Griffith, actor, documentary filmaker and socialist idealist who died earlier this year

2006-09-08 13:49:52
'Scottie', MacKenzie Kennedy remembered

Stephen Coyle tells the story of MacKenzie Kennedy who died for the Irish Republic during the civil war

2006-09-08 13:08:55
Staging the Easter Rising

Sally Richardson reviews Staging the Easter Rising: 1916 as theatre by James Moran, Cork University Press

2006-07-13 14:59:48
Bigotry must be marginalised

As the people of the North of Ireland enter into this summer's matching season, sectarianism will remain a dangerously live issue. The British government and its agencies must be forced to acknowledge the problem fully and challenge it head on, instead of giving it political cover, argues the Irish Democrat

2006-07-05 18:57:53
Thar Slaibh agus Gleann!

Christie Evans reports from the fifth International Festival of the Irish Language, which recently took place in the Isle of Man (Irish language article)

2006-07-05 18:42:39
An Bholaiv - Caithréim na ndaoine

Gearóid Ó Colmáino traces the historical development of Bolivia from the time of the conquistadores to the present under president Morales, focusing on the struggle of the oppressed aboriginal people for equality and justice (Irish language article)

2006-07-05 18:30:58
British propaganda in Ireland 1920

Peter Berresford Ellis reviews The Origins and Organisation of British Propaganda in Ireland 1920 by Brian P Murphy, Aubane Historical Society, Cork, and Spinwatch, H B C Pollard,

2006-07-05 17:14:58
Socialists and republicans pay tribute to 'Red O'Riordan'

Tributes for a fighter who ‘personified the best’ pour in following the death of veteran communist Michael O'Riordan

2006-07-05 15:24:21
A constitution to destroy Irish republicanism

We must face the fact the participation in the EU parliament is at variance with the ideals of 1916, writes John Murphy

2006-07-05 14:56:49
Equality undermined

Michael Hall looks into claims that ‘high-level’ decisions made exempt from equality laws are a breach of the Good Friday agreement

2006-07-05 13:17:21
New film champions humanity

Jeremy Hardy talks about his partner Katie Barlow’s new film about occupied Palestine

2006-07-05 13:10:11
De Valera's betrayal of the women of 1916

Peter Berresford Ellis argues that the 1937 constitution made male chauvinism an institution and was a betrayal of the women who had fought from 1916 for Irish independence and equality

2006-07-05 11:56:58
British labour and the Easter Rising

David Granville examines the response of the labour movement in Britain to the Easter Rising of 1916

2006-07-04 21:30:23
Finucane killer released

The killer of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has been released from prison under the terms of the Good Friday agreement and is understood to have been moved to a secret location in Britain and given a generous relocation package

2006-07-04 17:05:04
'Inquiry is the issue' insist Finucane family

The family of murdered defense solicitor Pat Finucane insists that the early release of his killer should not be overestimated and that the real focus must be to establish a fully independent, public judicial inquiry

2006-07-04 16:52:14
Sinn Fein set out need for all-Ireland health strategy

Féilim Ó hAdhmaill looks at Sinn Feín’s new health policy for the island of Ireland and argues that an all-Ireland native NHS is the cure

2006-07-04 16:24:11
Stormont's structural flaws

Tommy McKearney argues that London's de facto power makes the Stormont Assembly little more than a glorified county council

2006-07-04 15:47:44
Assembly's future remains in doubt

The future of the Stormont assembly remains uncertain after Ian Paisley rejected a nomination by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to become the first minister of ‘Northern Ireland’

2006-07-04 15:43:05
Facing up to the challenge in Britain

The general secretary of Connolly Association gives his assessment of the organisation’s current position and the tasks that lie ahead for activists in Britain

2006-07-04 13:11:45
Left Republican magazine relaunched

Left Republican Review, which aims to bring together left, republican, feminist and green voices from across Ireland, was relaunched recently

2006-07-04 12:10:49
Unions discuss coalition pact

Two of Ireland’s biggest trade unions are to discuss a joint effort to help the election of a left-wing Irish coalition government

2006-07-04 11:00:40
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