Kelly's Eye (February /March/April 2003)

Dungarvan Museum

This site is attached to a museum committed to preserving, recording and displaying the history of Waterford, Ireland.

The museum recently discovered the earliest known film footage of Dungarvan in the archive of British Pathe. The film, which is dated 11 November 1920, shows events from the Irish war of independence (1919 - 1921) while accompanying media reports help to place these into historical context.

Also worth a look are the memoirs of George Lennon - officer commanding of the west Waterford flying column.


Statewatch is a non-profit-making voluntary group founded in 1991 comprised of lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists. With a European network of contributors drawn from 12 countries, this on-line journal encourages the publication of investigative journalism and critical research in the fields of the state, civil liberties and openness.

Unfortunately, while this site undoubtedly delivers vital information on the most pressing human-rights issues of today, its complexity can make for perplexing surfing.

Portadown Orange Lodge

Those suffering withdrawal symptoms from the Drumcree parade issue can peruse this site, which includes downloadable footage of speeches made at the now infamous church, at their leisure.

'Millennium' medals can also be purchased online. Having checked the spelling on them - it's the sort of person I am - I am glad to report that mistakes which appeared on the originals, struck in 1995, have now been rectified.

The site's homepage proclaims its commitment to 'equality, justice, tolerance and respect', though little of these qualities appear within it.

Children of Ireland

Children of Ireland was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of making a positive difference to the lives of children and youth and of offering hope to families directly affected by the conflict.

The group works by helping community centres to "provide a long-term alternative to membership in gangs, drug use and violence" or the ultimate despair of suicide. Equally as important, it hopes its "efforts will open doors of opportunities to peace and co-operation between Irish youth, both Catholic and Protestant".

The Irish poetry page

Although not updated since 1997 this site, which is supported by the University of Cologne's linguistic department, is still worth visiting as it holds an extensive catalogue of both well-known and budding Irish poets.

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