Kelly's Eye (October/November 2002)

Gerry Kelly surfs the world-wide web in search of websites to inform and entertain readers of the Irish Democrat

United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets

THE UNITED Campaign Against Plastic Bullets is a non-political, non-sectarian group, committed to the banning of plastic bullets and the securing of justice for all those who have suffered as a result of the use of plastic bullets.

The group consists of relatives and victims of those who have been killed or injured by plastic bullets in the north of Ireland. The importance of this site cannot be underestimated what with the introduction of plastic baton rounds to police forces throughout Britain.

This is an issue determined not to go away, nor should it be allowed too when the risks posed are so considerable. Photographs on the site bring home the effects of this supposedly 'less lethal' weapon.

The Wild Geese

Time spent surfing the net can sometimes throw up a gem of a site. This one is a real treat for anyone with an interest in the history of other countries where Irish men and women have played a role.

The Wild Geese were those Irish rebels who fled Ireland for other lands, including France, after the defeat of James II in 1691.

Other topics covered in this extensive archive include the United Irish rebellion in Newfoundland and the impact of the San Patricio's battalion in the American-Mexican war. The Wild Geese Today webzine was formed in July 1997 with the aim of bringing "epic and compelling history to a vast and ever burgeoning internet audience".

Society for the Study of 19th-century Ireland

THE PURPOSE of the society is to promote research into 19th century Ireland. It seeks to foster an inter-disciplinary approach. Membership is also open to scholars beyond Ireland and it welcomes members from a wide range of disciplines: literature, history, economics, geography, sociology, theology, anthropology, women's studies etc.

Dr. Leon Litvack at Queen's University, Belfast, wove these web pages. Excellent content ,though moving around this regularly updated site requires endeavour and diligence. Extensive links section.

Triskellion Theatre Co.

TRISKELLION WAS founded in 1994 by Gerry Molumby to: "Platform the quality and diversity of Irish Drama and to open Irish Theatre to a wider audience in Britain -- as well as sharing it with the Irish diaspora".

For anyone in the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area with an interest in Irish theatre there are details of classes and plenty of contact details. Gerry Molumby's most recent work, a production of John B Keane's play Moll, received many plaudits and his enthusiasm shows through on the website, which although small provides a valuable cultural outlet.

The Blanket

STYLING ITSELF as 'a journal of protest and dissent', it sets out its objective as "... a commitment to freedom of speech facilitate analysis, debate and discussion, to resist censorship, and to create the space for a diversity of views."

Arguably the most coherent debating vehicle for dissenting republican voices, the site is regularly updated and easy to navigate. A large archive means I return on a regular basis never feeling disappointed with the content.

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