CND votes to oppose treaty

by Democrat reporter

IRISH ANTI-NUCLEAR campaigners have joined forces with those opposing the ratification of the EU Lisbon Treaty in the coming Irish referendum.

Delegates attending Irish CND's annual general meeting, held at the Mansion House in Dublin at the beginning of March, voted overwhelmingly to support a motion supporting a 'No' vote.

CND members argued that a No vote was necessary in view of the treaty's implications for the further militarization of Europe and for nuclear power.

During the debate, CND members voiced particular concern about the treaty's implications for Ireland's status of military neutrality and voiced their opposition to the inclusion of the Euratom Treaty.

The issue of signing up to a Mutual Defence Pact, included in the Treaty under Art. 28A.7, was also strongly criticised.

Commenting on the CND vote, People's Movement chairperson and former Green Party MEP Patricia McKenna welcomed the vote and said it provided further proof that the issues being raised by those on the No side were valid.

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