Interfering commission threatened with injunction

by Democrat reporter

SOLICITORS ACTING on behalf of former MEP, Patricia McKenna have written to the European commission warning of legal action if the Commission continues with its campaign on the Lisbon Treaty.

Following yesterday's inclusion of a 16-page supplement in all newspapers supporting the Lisbon Treaty the former MEP has taken legal advice and has instructed her solicitors, MacGeehin and Toale, to write to the European commission to inform it that its funding, at considerable expense to the taxpayer, of a propaganda campaign to advocate a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum is in breach of Irish law and must stop or she will be forced to take legal action.

McKenna claims that the EU commission's involvement is in breach of both Irish and EU law and as such must stop immediately.

She said:

"Yesterday's inclusion of a 16 page supplement in all newspapers supporting the Lisbon Treaty was totally illegal. We need to know did the European Commission's legal services sanction the expenditure of fund for propaganda purposes on the Lisbon Treaty campaign in Ireland and if so on what ground as this is an unlawful use of European taxpayer's money, since the European Commission has no competence whatever in the ratification of treaties."

"However, regardless of EU law it is clear that under Irish law the principles of the McKenna judgment are being breached by the EU Commission."

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