Campaign sets out case for No vote

TRADE UNION in Britain have set out a clear case for a No vote in the forthcoming referendum on the EU constitution for the European Union in a new pamphlet outlining why its adoption would threatens jobs, democratic self-government and peace.

No to the EU Constitution

The pamphlet includes an at-a-glance guide to articles, showing just how undemocratic the new European Union would be under the proposed constitution.

Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution (TUAEUC) chair and transport union RMT general secretary Bob Crow said that it clearly explained that the constitution would be a recipe for privatisation, militarisation and the centralisation of power to Brussels.

"Right across Europe people are registering their discontent over a document that enshrines the doctrine of mass privatisation and militarisation as constitutional goals," he said.

Campaign secretary Doug Nicholls, who heads the Community and Youth Workers' Union, said the pamphlet was the result of many months mature debate amongst leading trade unionists from over 20 unions in Britain and others abroad.

"French unions like the CGT and FSU oppose the Constitution and others are making the link between this document and the outrageous contents of the Directive on Services," he said.

The Directive on Services threatens standards of health care and education by assisting private service providers to avoid national legislation. There will be an international trade union protest against the planned directive on March 19 in Brussels, supported by the TUC and the ETUC.

Copies of the pamphlet can be obtained from TUAEUC by emailing ; it can also be accessed via the campaign's website at

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