Gregory joins No campaign

by Democrat reporter

CAMPAIGNERS urging a No vote in the coming Lisbon Treaty referendum received abeen boosted received a major boost this week with the announcement by long serving Independent TD, Tony Gregory that he is to join the No campaign.

Mr. Gregory, who is one of Dublin's longest, serving TDs, has added his name to the list of patrons of the People's Movement which is campaigning against ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

In a statement, Mr Gregory said:

"It is my view that the Lisbon Treaty would leave Ireland in a weaker position in the EU. The Lisbon Treaty would also continue to increase the involvement of Ireland in a Military Alliance, which I believe runs counter to our traditional policy of neutrality and is not in the interest of the Irish people."

People's Movement chairperson, Patricia McKenna welcomed the support of Mr. Gregory: "Tony Gregory's support will give a major morale boost to the hundreds of ordinary people campaigning against the powerful political establishments of Dublin and Brussels on this issue. Tony Gregory has a remarkable record and long tradition of championing the causes of ordinary people.

"His support for the No campaign is an indication that unlike so many of our politicians in Dail Eireann he has not abandoned his principles and values.

"His recognition that this treaty will 'leave Ireland in a weaker position' vis a vis the bigger and more powerful member states of the EU demonstrates that Tony Gregory is still looking out for the interests of those who elected him."

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