Trade unionists launch campaign

by Democrat reporter

LEADING TRADE unionists from more than 20 unions across the country recently announced the launch a campaign against the EU constitution, warning that it threatens public services, democracy and manufacturing.

The campaign aims to unite trade unionists irrespective of their views on the EU itself.

“The proposed constitution institutionalises privatisation and robs member states of the right to govern themselves democratically,” said campaign secretary , EU constitution, who heads the Community and Youth Workers’ Union.

He added that he believed the campaign reflected the majority opinion of trade unionists and workers in Britain.

“This constitution won’t give trade unionists the rights they should have,” said Rail, Maritme and Transport Workers’ union general secretary and campaign chair Bob Crow.

“However, it demands the mass privatisation of industries and services, hands big corporations huge powers to increase the exploitation of workers and the environment and deals a further hammer blow to British manufacturing,” Mr Crow said.

“This document stands against the historical aims of the labour movement, imposing privatisation and militarisation, as well as curbing democracy and civil liberties,” said Bakers’ union general secretary Joe Marino.

The group has welcomed the recent vote of the executive committee of the CGT, France's largest trade union confederation, to oppose the EU constitution.

CGT railway workers leader Didier Le Reste said that, "unsurprisingly, there is a majority in the CGT to reject the liberal policy directions, including at the European level".

The CGT decision follows a rejection of the constitution last month by the French education union FSU which will also boost the French no vote in the June referendum.

Further information about Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution (TUAEUC) can be found at

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