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More support needed for Irish in Britain

A report published by a committee of the Irish-Britisn Inter-Parliamentary Body highlights the need for greater support for Irish community living in Britain

2007-11-27 14:06:50
Giuliani angers Irish-America

US Republican Party presidential hopeful Rudi Giuliani's recent acceptance of the Margaret Thatcher ‘Medal of Honour’ has not gone down well with Irish-Americans

2007-11-15 11:17:11
New light shed on IRA's Border Campaign

Irish historian Ruan O'Donnell to shed new light on the IRA's Border Campaign at a meeting in London on 14 November organised by the Four Provinces Bookshop

2007-11-13 13:30:08
Signs of re-alignment in the unionist camp

David Granville suggests that the honeymoon in the north could soon be over as tensions and divisions mount within the unionist/loyalist camp and the need for decisions in key policy areas approaches

2007-10-05 13:47:03
Call for Aegis' expulsion from Iraq

David Granville looks at how the mother of murdered Belfast teenager Peter McBride has top mercenary Tim Spicer in her sights

2007-10-05 13:21:07
Re-assessing the 50s Border Campaign

John Murphy praises a fresh look at the IRA's border campaign of the late 1950s

2007-10-05 12:51:13
House Resolution 740

In May 2006, the US Congress passed a resolution condemning the 2005 Enquiries Act, a rare example of the US Congress formally criticising a British act of parliament. The full text of that resolution is reproduced here for reference purposes

2007-07-31 12:04:35
Debating the peace process

Theo Russell reports on a recent cross-party meeting on the Irish peace process hosted by the Islinton North branch of the Labour Party

2007-07-25 14:25:36
Stepping stone to unity

Far from being the ‘final settlement’ suggested by British ministers, the restoration of the Good Friday institutions represents a further move towards British withdrawal and the reunification of Ireland, and presents new challenges and opportunities for the left in Britain, argues Ken Keable

2007-07-21 13:29:51
Over there comes over here

David Granville looks at some recent examples of how the British presence in Ireland continues to have consequences for democracy in Britain

2007-06-04 10:13:52
Equality fault-line opens

David Granvillle argues that measures designed to tackle inequality are already proving to be a source of division between unionists and nationalists at Stormont

2007-06-04 09:54:54
The 'teflon' taoiseach does it again

David Granville provides some initial thoughts on the 2007 twenty-six county General Election results

2007-05-28 18:13:12
Irish women trade union pioneers

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8) in 2007, the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and SIPTU, have produced a pack of postcards depicting some of the women ‘pioneers’ of the labour and trade union movement.

2007-05-17 16:36:48
Loughall: 20 years on

Photographer Louise Jefferson recently attended events marking the 20th anniversary of the Loughall massacre and here provides a moving personal account of her visit

2007-05-17 13:26:46
Unity: closer than anyone thinks

Connolly Association president Moya St Leger argues that Irish citizens remain unprepared for unity

2007-05-17 10:11:05
The dawning of a new era?

Writing a few days before the re-establishment of the Stormont assembly, David Granville looks towards the resumption of the Good Friday process

2007-05-17 09:58:14
US labour organisations back Connolly film

Two US labour groups, the Irish-American Labor Coalition (IALC) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, have announced that they are each to make a $10,000 investment in the forthcoming film about the life of James Connolly

2007-03-27 17:25:26
Flanagan must go - for all our sakes

David Granville argues that the presence of Ronnie Flanagan as head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Police in England and Wales is another example of how the legacy of the British state's counter-insurgency activities in Ireland continues to cast a murky shadow over everyone in Britain

2007-03-13 10:22:18
Hain rules out deadline extension

British secretary of state Peter Hain warns rules out any extension of the 25 deadline on establishing a power-sharing executive (IAIS agency report)

2007-02-16 12:22:39
Another step on the road back to civil rights approach

David Granville argues that the British government needs to come to the aid of unionists by persuading them that their best interests lie in an accomodation with nationalists on the basis of the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements – and ultimately within a united Ireland

2007-02-15 18:59:18
When is a deadline not a deadline?

Originally published in December 2006, David Granville argues that the countdown towards Blair's departure from Number 10 well underway, the British prime minister remains keen to ensure that failure in Ireland is not added to a legacy which is already set to be dominated by the catastophy resulting from the invasion and occupation of Iraq

2007-01-30 14:50:05
Hain and NIO officials accused over appointment

Direct rule minister Petet Hain and NIO officials came under fire in December after a High Court judge ruled that the appointment of Bertha McDougall as Interm Victim Commissioner had been motivated by “improper political purpose”

2007-01-30 13:52:16
Local government - reform or embryonic repartition?

Although posing a danger of further entrenching sectarian divisions, local government reforms give Sinn Féin an opportunity to demonstrate a better model of governance in Ireland, writes Tommy McKearney

2007-01-30 13:33:22
Collusion - a conspiracy of silence

The British media's coverage and treatment of events in the north treatment reveal where their press priorities lie, writes Mick Hall

2007-01-30 11:34:09
The battle for rights

Progressives are taking an inclusive approach towards drafting an enforceable Bill of Rights in the North. But their focus on giving the legislation a robust social and economic dimension has irked reactionary unionism and alarmed the NIO, writes Deasúin Ó Donghaile

2007-01-30 08:00:10
Fresh investigation into Fullerton murder

Police ombudsman Nuala O'Loan is investigating part of the circumstances surrounding the 1991 murder of Co Donegal Sinn Fein councillor Eddie Fullerton. In a separate case, the families of six men murdered by the Ulster Volunteer Force recently lobbied Westminster MPs to press for an investigation into the claims

2007-01-29 23:02:19
New MI5 base to monitor both sides of Irish Sea

A new MI5 intelligence-gathering base in Belfast destroys the new beginning envisaged in the Good Friday Agreement, writes Fr Joe McVeigh

2007-01-29 20:52:29
Peaceful Road to a united Ireland

Sinn Féin's ‘civil rights’ strategy is the only way forward for republicans and should be complimented by increased lobbying of MPs in Britain, argues John Murphy

2007-01-29 18:32:22
Republicans need to retain critical perspective on policing

Sinn Féin acknowledges that the PSNI as a policing agency will not weaken republicanism, so long as its agenda for change is not compromised, writes Féilim Ó hAdhmaill

2007-01-29 18:00:50
Sutton Hoo!

Christy Evans reports on Seachtain na Gaeilge – the global celebration of the Irish language (Irish language article)

2007-01-29 15:35:11
The Connolly Association was there at the start

John Murphy reminds us that the Connolly Association and the late Desmond Greaves were the first to come up with the idea of a civil rights campaign to undermine reactionary unionism – and that power sharing offers republicans the opportunity to develop creative ways of persuading key sections of unionism that a unitary state is in their best interests

2007-01-25 10:55:02
*Is equality at risk from the St Andrew's deal?

Deasun O Donghaile examines the likely implications for equality in the north of the St Andrew's deal

2007-01-25 10:11:55
*Policing issue will not be last big hurdle to power sharing

Tommy McKearney argues that better options than accepting PSNI policing in its present form exist for republicans

2007-01-25 09:47:57

(Due to certain technical difficulties, a number of articles which should have been published in the final quarter of 2006 only become available to our on-line edition in January 2007. To avoid any confusion all such articles will are prefixed with an *)

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