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Reinstate the assembly now

Irish Democrat northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley argues that the immediate reinstatement of the Northern Ireland assembly is in the interests of the peoples of Britain and Ireland (December 2002/January 2003 edition)

2002-12-29 16:14:23
Analysis of the Nice referendum result

Roger Cole and Anthony Coughlan take a look at the Nice II referendum result

2002-12-28 17:19:53
"Tell the truth" appeal to Bloody Sunday soldiers

John Kelly's brother Michael was killed by British paratroopers in Derry on Bloody Sunday. As the Saville inquiry transferred to London he appealed for British soldiers to tell the truth about what happened on the day

2002-12-28 17:06:03
MacLellan testifies to Bloody Sunday inquiry

The officer in charge of British troops on Bloody Sunday tells the Saville inquiry that paratroopers disobeyed orders on the day

2002-12-28 16:49:08
Plastic bullet guidlines forced into the open

The British government has been forced to publish guidelines covering the British Army's use of plastic baton rounds in the six counties

2002-12-28 16:39:17
Trade unions launch liability campaign

The British TUC launches a new campaign aimed at ensuring that employers are held fully responsible and accountable for the health and safety of their employees

2002-12-28 16:33:12
Irish Democrat columnist honoured

Long-standing Irish Democrat columnist and contributor Peter Berresford Ellis has become only the second living writer to have been made an honorary life member of the Irish Literary Society

2002-12-28 16:25:08
Finucane murder report hit by new delay

The publication of the report into the murder of Belfast attorney Pat Finucane is delayed for a second time

2002-12-28 16:12:30
'First minister' Trimble bows to unionist No-men

Irish Democrat editor David Granville reports on the latest Ulster Unionist Party threat to the Good Friday agreement

2002-10-04 12:25:50
Bloody Sunday inquiry transfers to London

The Saville inquiry in the events of Bloody Sunday 1972 moves to London to hear the evidence of soldiers who took part in the evnts of that day

2002-10-04 12:09:47
Plaque marks Frongoch internment camp

Ian McKeane reports on the unveiling of a plaque to mark the site of the Frongogoch internment camp where around 2000 Irishmen were imprisoned after the Easter rising of 1916 (October/November 2002)

2002-10-04 11:34:43
Military failed to consult over PBR guidelines

two items from the north of Ireland and Britain on the use pf Plastic Baton Rounds (PBRs) (October/November 2002)

2002-10-04 11:25:15
Reasons not to be cheerful

The Irish Democrat’s northern correspondent, Bobbie Heatley, spells out why nationalists and republicans are unhappy with the pace and quality of the Good Friday reform process

2002-10-04 09:52:39
Policing remains the key issue for nationalists

Ken Keable reports on the contributions and discussion at the fourteenth Desmond Greaves Summer School, held in Dublin towards the end of August 2002 (October/November 2002 issue)

2002-10-04 09:42:42
British police forces get new baton round

Irish Democrat editor David Granville expresses concern over new evidence which suggests that police forces throughout Britain could be preparing to use a controversial new plastic baton round to deal with public disorder situations (August/September 2002 edition)

2002-08-01 12:09:48
Sacked T&G officials win support of full-time officers

The campaign to secure the reinstatement of Mick O'Reilly and Eugene McGlone is boosted by strike vote of T&G full-time officers (August/September 2002 edition)

2002-08-01 11:41:21
Stevens report hit by new delay

Publication of the third Stevens report into collusion between loyalist death squads and British security forces is put back to the the autumn (August/September 2002)

2002-08-01 11:31:18
Frank Johnson set free at last

Irish miscarriage of justice victim Frank Johnson freed after serving 26 years in prison for a crime he did not commit (August/September 2002)

2002-08-01 11:25:03
Is this the end for Trimble and the GFA?

Rejectionist unionists will not be satisfied until Sinn Féin are expelled from the Stormont government and the Good Friday agreement torn to shreds. As ever, the British government’s response has been an attempt to shore up the ailing leadership of UUP leader David Trimble, argue Bobbie Heatley and David Granville ((August/September 2002)

2002-07-31 10:45:16
Hunting for the real Roger Casement

John Garton reports on an an important new documentary about the life of Roger Casement (August/September 2002 edition)

2002-07-31 10:34:44
Republicans weather 'dirty tricks' campaign

We can expect to see further evidence of ‘dirty tricks’ aimed at Sinn Féin in the run up to the Stormont assembly elections next Spring, warns the Irish Democrat’s northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-30 12:57:26
Justice for Peter McBride

Campaigners remain undeterred by the recent setback in the High Court. Peter McBride's mother addresses an open letter to the Queen.(June/July 2002 edition) This document includes a press release from the family not included in the print edition of the paper.

2002-05-29 23:10:57
MP calls for prison deaths inquiry

Westminster MP and Irish-rights campaigner John McDonnell has called upon the government to conduct an immediate public inquiry into the deaths of Irish prisoners in Brixton prison (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-29 22:59:55
Sacked T&G officials launch reinstatement campaign

Two Irish trade union officials have begun a major grass-roots campaign in support of their bid to win reinstatement (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-29 22:50:17
ICTU spreads its anti-sectarian message

David Granville reports on the speech made by the ICTU's Peter Bunting at this year's May Day celebrations in Chesterfield (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-29 15:06:08
Leaks pose new Sellafield danger

Reports reveal increase in radioactive gas levels and leak of technetium 99 (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-29 14:59:00
Plastic bullet report setback

A report by the new police ombudsman concludes that the use of plastic bullets was justified (June/July 2002)

2002-05-29 14:48:10
Warm welcome for Ché’s daughter

Cork correspondent Jim Savage reports on Dr Aleida Guevara's recent visit to Ireland (June/July 2002 edition)

2002-05-29 14:42:59
No half measures over Good Friday reforms

Northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley examines the British government's record on introducing reforms associated with the Good Friday agreement (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-30 17:27:22
It's time for the truth

On the 13th anniversay of the murder of Pat Finucane, his former law partner, Peter Madden, restates the case for a full and independent public inquiry into the Belfast solicitor's death (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-30 14:15:36
Along the road to Irish unity?

On the fourth anniversary of the Good Friday deal, Daltun O'Ceallaigh takes another look at what was actually agreed and challenges the notion that the agreement simply represents ‘Sunningdale for slow learners’ (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-30 14:03:53
MP warns against danger of ebbing support for GFA

Northampton South MP Tony Clarke speaks about the prospects for peace and the work of the Northern Ireland Select Committee at local Connolly Association meeting (web edition only)

2002-03-29 18:27:37
Taylor points the finger at Heath government

The former Ulster Unionist Party deputy leader tells inquiry that the British government was responsible for security arrangements in the north at the time of Bloody Sunday, 1972 (April/May edition)

2002-03-29 15:43:43
Army called upon to disclose plastic-bullet guidelines

Civil-liberty and human-rights campaigners are calling upon the British army and government ministers to reveal the army guidelines for the firing of plastic bullets (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 15:20:13
In brief (April/May edition)

News in brief (April/May edition)

2002-03-29 14:37:47

The Irish Democrat marks the passing of Mary Campbell and Johm Platts-Mills (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 14:31:04
View from Cork

The Irish Democrat's Cork correspondent, Jim Savage, comments a number of recent local events and developments (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 14:24:16
Hopes rise over Johnson appeal

Ken Keable looks forward to the appeal of Irish miscarriage of justice victim Frank Johnson who has served 25 years for a crime he did not commit (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 12:54:07
Irish eurocritics warn of danger to democracy

Leading Irish eurocritics Anthony Coughlan and Patricia McKenna MEP warn of the danger to democraty posed by the introduction of the euro (web edition only)

2002-03-29 12:46:21
Sheffield Irish Festival success

Report of events at the 2002 Sheffield Irish Festival (April/May edition)

2002-03-29 12:39:03
The great euro rip-ff

Evidence that above-inflation price rises for certain goods and services have accompanied the introduction of the euro (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 12:29:22
Police Officer to face trial over Hamill investigation

Police officer looks set to stand trial over conduct relating to the investigation into the murder of Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill (April/May 2002 edition)

2002-03-29 12:21:55
Appeal for end to sectarian terror

Irish Democrat northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley reports on the response to the loyalist terror campaign in the six counties (February/March 2002)

2002-02-04 12:10:14
Union leaders stand accused

The MSF craft conference condemns the silence of British-based trade union leaders over the Holy Cross school pickets (February/March 2002)

2002-02-04 11:58:07
SF MPs open Westminster Offices

Sinn Fein MPs Gerry Adams, Pat Docherty, Martin McGuinness and Michelle Gildernew gain access to Westminster facilities (February/March 2002)

2002-02-04 10:54:24
New CA office opened in Camden

The Connolly Association formally opens its new office in Camden Town, London (February/March 2002)

2002-02-04 10:45:38
CA support for Irish unity undiminished

Report of the Connolly Association's annual conference held in London in November 2001 (February/March 2002 edition)

2002-02-04 10:32:33
Omagh controversy adds to reform fears

Reform of the police remains central to the building of a new dispensation based on equality in the north. Yet three-and-a-half years after the Good Friday agreement, concerns abound over the government’s watering down of reforms and evidence of police collusion with loyalists, argue Bobbie Heatley and David Granville (February/March 2002 edition)

2002-02-04 10:11:08
Campaign to halt Sellafield MOX plant

David Granville looks at the growing opposition to BNFL's decision to press ahead with its MOX nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield (February/March 2002 edition)

2002-02-03 20:36:22

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