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The Irish Democart needs to boost its financial resources and circulation if it is to sustain and develop its role in campaigning for a united and independent Ireland and continue to expose the nefarious nature of Britain's involvement

Bigotry must be marginalised

As the people of the North of Ireland enter into this summer's matching season, sectarianism will remain a dangerously live issue. The British government and its agencies must be forced to acknowledge the problem fully and challenge it head on, instead of giving it political cover, argues the Irish Democrat

Lessons of history

The Irish Democrat warns that while the current situation offers real opportunities for pursuing a radical programme towards Irish unity, recent events remind us that the forces of Irish national democracy must learn the lessons of the past if political opportunites are to be achieved in the future

IMC report dovetails with anti-SF agenda

The Irish Democrat comments on the recnt IMC report

Time to cut links with 'malign puppet'

The Irish Democrat argues that it's time for British ministers to face up to the counter-insurgency beast created by their predecessors

IRA statement welcomed

The Irish Democrat comments on the recent IRA statement announcing the end of its armed struggle

Britain's moral responsibility

The Irish Democrat argues that whatever the the IRA's response to Gerry Adams' appeal for the organisation to embrace a purely political path, there is a moral responsibility and international obligation on the part of the British government to implement the Good Friday agreement in full

Republicanism will survive

Editorial comment from the March/April 2005 edition of the Irish Democrat

Collusion merry–go–round

The Irish Democrat comments on the British government's decision to hold the long-overdue inquiry into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane behind closed doors and on the opportunities provided by the arrival of the European Social Forum in London

An odd month for Irish politics

The Irish Democrat comments on the outcome of recent local and EU elections in Ireland and the 26-county's citizenship referemdum

The death of democracy

The Irish Democrat highlights the link between the experiences of Katherine Gunn, the Stormont Assembly, David Shayler, Bobby Toohil and David Kelly

Downing Street in need of dynamic approach

Tony Blair must not allow the DUP to determine the extent and pace of political change in the north

One duck a-limping...

In his final editorial David Granville argues that it's time for the British government to review its strategy of supporting UUP leader David Trimble at all costs

A repudiation of democracy

Irish Democrat editor David Granville argues that the Blair's decision to postpone elections to the Northern Ireland assembly is a flagrant denial of democratic rights (May/June/July edition)

Acts of 'completion'

Irish Democrat editor David Granville and the paper's Belfast-based correspondent Bobbie Heatley point to the ultimate'act of completion' in the Irish peace process (February/March/April 2003 edition)

Some home truths about spying

The editor of the Irish Democrat comments on recent allegations of an IRA spy ring operating in Stormont (December 2002/January 2003 edition)

Agreement under fire

The Irish Democrat comments on the decision of the Ulster Unionist Party to renew its threat to collapse the Good Friday agreement (October/November 2002 edition)

A question of balance

The Irish Democrat comments on the reality behind what passes for ‘balanced’ reporting of the situation in the north of Ireland in the British media (August/September 2002 edition)

Fruitless efforts

The Irish Democrat comments on the seamier side side of efforts to undermine Sinn Féin in the run up to the recent Irish elections (June/July 2002 edition)

Pity or contempt?

The Irish Democrat comments on the Ulster Unionist Party leader's recent racist comments about the twenty-six county state and looks at the breakdown of consensus between the Labour and the Tories over British government policy in Ireland (April/May 2002 edition)

Playing our part

Commentary on the need to maximise support for Irish unity and the Irish peace process in Britain and on the need to amend the parliamentary oath.(February/March 2002)

A one-shot manoeuvre

A commentary on the implications for the Irish peace process of the extraordinary moves undertaken to ensure the reelection of David Trimble and the election of SDLP leader Mark Durcan as first and deputy first ministers in the Stormont assembly (December 2001/January 2002)

Wake-up calls all round

Moves by Tony Blair to bring forward a raft of new emergency ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York should send a deep chill down the spine of every democrat in Britain. (October/November 2001)

Removing the bull from Irish politics

The recent inconclusive talks in Shropshire have left British prime minister Tony Blair impaled on the horns of a dilemma — one largely of his own making (August/September 2001 edition)

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