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Collusion evidence: trickle becomes a flood

David Granville bemoans the lack of response in Britain to growing evidence of collusion between the state and its agents in acts of violence and murder on both sides of the Irish border

2006-12-30 12:48:33
Getting away with murder

English campaigner Ken Keable argues that mainstream media complicity in British colonial rule has played a significant role in the British public's indifference to news about Northern Ireland and continues to allow the British state to get away with murder

2006-12-30 10:23:42
A step on the road to unity

David Granville asks opponents of the Good Friday and St Andrews agreements to end their fixation on ‘texts’ and concentrate on the ‘process’

2006-12-29 10:12:15
Honorary doctorate for ID columnist

Irish Democrat columnist, historian and novelist Peter Berresford Ellis, is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Literature by the University of East London

2006-12-27 15:03:07
Keeping us in the dark?

David Granville asks whether the trend to ‘editionalise’ newspapers is being used to keep the British public ignorant of successive governments' responsibility for criminal and anti-democratic acts conducted by state military forces and security agencies throughout the conflict in Ireland

2006-09-29 09:57:29
DUP dismisses November deadline

Paul Donovan reports on an important fringe meeting on the future of the Irish peace process meeting held during the recent British Trades Union Congress

2006-09-21 06:09:30
Garvaghy Road residents renews support call

The Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition is appealing for support, national and international, following the decision of the Parades Commission to allow the Orange Order to march through the nationalist area of Portadown on 23 September in opposition to the wishes of the local community

2006-09-16 09:38:29
Thar Slaibh agus Gleann!

Christie Evans reports from the fifth International Festival of the Irish Language, which recently took place in the Isle of Man (Irish language article)

2006-07-05 18:42:39
Socialists and republicans pay tribute to 'Red O'Riordan'

Tributes for a fighter who ‘personified the best’ pour in following the death of veteran communist Michael O'Riordan

2006-07-05 15:24:21
Finucane killer released

The killer of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has been released from prison under the terms of the Good Friday agreement and is understood to have been moved to a secret location in Britain and given a generous relocation package

2006-07-04 17:05:04
'Inquiry is the issue' insist Finucane family

The family of murdered defense solicitor Pat Finucane insists that the early release of his killer should not be overestimated and that the real focus must be to establish a fully independent, public judicial inquiry

2006-07-04 16:52:14
Stormont's structural flaws

Tommy McKearney argues that London's de facto power makes the Stormont Assembly little more than a glorified county council

2006-07-04 15:47:44
Assembly's future remains in doubt

The future of the Stormont assembly remains uncertain after Ian Paisley rejected a nomination by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to become the first minister of ‘Northern Ireland’

2006-07-04 15:43:05
Facing up to the challenge in Britain

The general secretary of Connolly Association gives his assessment of the organisation’s current position and the tasks that lie ahead for activists in Britain

2006-07-04 13:11:45
Left Republican magazine relaunched

Left Republican Review, which aims to bring together left, republican, feminist and green voices from across Ireland, was relaunched recently

2006-07-04 12:10:49
Unions discuss coalition pact

Two of Ireland’s biggest trade unions are to discuss a joint effort to help the election of a left-wing Irish coalition government

2006-07-04 11:00:40
McIlkenny 'now free'

Mourners at the funeral of one of the Birmingham Six, Richard McIlkenny, were told that he has finally found freedom

2006-07-04 10:48:26
SIPTU honours Connolly

A major new film on James Connolly is to receive significant financial backing from SIPTU, Ireland's the country’s largest trade union

2006-05-26 11:10:04
Connolly's life celebrated in London and Edinburgh

David Granville reports on commemorative events in London and Edinburgh organised jointly by the Connolly Association and the Communist Party of Britain

2006-05-25 18:35:46
A letter to historians

Jack Lane of the Aubane Historical Society challenges revisionist historian Peter Hart on his interpretation of the Irish War of Independence and raises serious questions raised about the historian's methods

2006-05-18 08:50:33
BBC's 1916 coverage challenged

Ken Keable writes to the BBC to protest about its coverage of the evcents of Easter 1916 on Radio 4 – we reproduce his letter in the Irish Democrat for information

2006-05-18 07:30:45
2006 Gralton School maintains progressive tradition

This year's annual Gralton School focusses on the legacy of the 1916 Proclamation and honours the memory of Leitrim radical Jim Gralton, the only Irish-born citizen to have been deported from Ireland

2006-04-20 09:02:22
Summer-school honour for Democrat columnist

The Sister Fidelma Mysteries of historian and Irish Democrat columnist Peter Berresford Ellis, who writes the books using the pseudonym Peter Tremayne,are to be the subject of a unique Irish summer school

2006-04-18 21:23:33
Donaldson family statement

Statement issued on 7 April by the family of Denis Donaldson who was found murdered at his cottage in a remote area of Donegal on Tuesday 4 April

2006-04-07 22:32:40
British agent shot dead

The Irish Democrat reports on the killing of British agent Denis Donaldson

2006-04-07 15:04:21
Time for a united approach to solidarity work

Following Gerry Adams' recent call for a solidarity movement in Britain to help end partition, John Murphy looks at what need to be done to bring this about

2006-04-07 13:58:00
Campaign to repatriate Irish prisoner

A prisoner support group is calling on the Irish government to speed up the repatriation of a seriously ill Irish prisoner serving a sentence in Yorkshire

2006-04-07 13:50:50
Call to 'decommission' licensed weapons

Legally held unionist weaponry remains an obstacle to peace and political progress in Ireland, argues Moya St Leger

2006-04-07 12:48:05
'Love Ulster' march ends in violence and attempt to smear IWU

Accounts of the rioting in Dublin which accompanied the provocative Love Ulster march and an attempt by the Sunday Times newspaper to implicate the Cork-based IWU in the mayhem

2006-04-07 11:17:49
'Rendition flights' escape investigation

It has emerged that Gardaí officers who wish to investigate allegations of US illegality on military and state aircraft may not be able to do so because of the way the government is applying domestic Irish law

2006-04-06 19:26:08
Museum gains Proclamation original

The Irish and British public will be able to view an original 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic this year after it was donated to the National Museum of Ireland

2006-04-06 19:02:46
An appalling vista

David Granville speculates on what lies behind British ministers' insistence on holding an inquiry into the murder of Belfast solicitor Patrick Finiucane under the terms of the controversial 2005 Inquiries Act

2006-04-06 18:01:56
Gaeilgeóirí travels to Mulvern Hills

Christy Evans reports on the revival of the Irish language in Britain

2006-04-06 17:29:48
St Pat's gets anti-racist theme tune

A campaign to ensure that the 2006 St Patrick's Day celebrations in Britain include a clear anti-racist message gathers pace with the release of Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley by north London psycho-ceilidh rockers, Neck, on 6 March

2006-03-09 21:28:04
Inertia Managing Commission

Michael Hall reports on republican anger at the recent IMC report and argues that its unsubstantiated suggestion that the IRA has lied about its arms disposal is set to prolong the political stalemate and direct rule from London

2006-02-14 18:33:22
Bree warns against undermining Labour philosphy

Elements OF the Irish Labour Party are actively undermining its philosophy to keep establishment parties in power, Labour Party stalwart Declan Bree warned recently

2006-02-14 17:11:06
Plan to help homeless in Britain

News of a unique initiative to help homeless Irish people living in cities across Britain is being spearheaded by Mayor of Kerry County Council Toireasa Ní Fhearaíosa

2006-02-14 16:35:48
Has the Good Friday agreement a future?

David Granville assesses whether the unionist establishment will be allowed to sink the 1998 Belfast peace accord

2006-02-14 14:13:02
Trade unions must become a force for change

Michael Hall casts a critical eye over the settlement to the recent Irish Ferries dispute and takes a look at current talks towards a new Social Partnership deal in Ireland

2006-02-14 11:50:37

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