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An open letter to Tony Blair

Irish-American groups call for an open and transparent inquiry into the role of the British intelligence services in the collapse of the power-sharing Stormont assembly and for the immediate reinstatement of the Good Friday institutions

2005-12-31 17:18:32
Dialogue central to marching problems

Over 80 PSNI officers and seven civilians were injured when the Orange Order marched through nationalist north Belfast on July 12. David Kennedy, an eye–witness to events, writes dialogue remains the key to progress

2005-08-22 12:12:08
Hain pushing New Labour interests in Ireland

British secretary of state Peter Hain is using direct rule to push through New Labour ‘reforms’in its own interests and must be challenged, writes trade union correspondent Deasún Ó Donghaile

2005-08-20 16:33:51
McDowell blasted for signing US agreement

Twenty-six county justice minister criticised for allowing US investigators to secretly interrogate Irish citizens in Ireland

2005-08-20 16:02:58
British civil servants working against equality

Recent reports by the British government underline the need to pursue a comprehensive equality agenda, write Michael T Hall

2005-08-20 14:29:59
IRA announces end of armed campaign

Full text of the IRA's historic statement announcing the ending its armed campaign

2005-07-28 15:01:40
Mayor pays tribute to Gralton

Sligo mayor Declan Bree pays tribute to Jim Gralton during a recent visit to the Irish socialist's grave in New York

2005-06-08 10:25:08
Good Friday deal pushed into the freezer

David Granville argues that recent developments have only served to deepen the ongoing crisis afflicting the Good Friday peace deal

2005-02-08 12:16:17
Prospect of new deal recedes

David Granville examines the latest failure to reach a deal on reviving the Good Friday process and warns that further progress loooks increasingly remote this side of the coming UK general election

2005-01-07 12:22:24

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