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More NI election analysis

Irish Democrat northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley cast a critical eye over the recent NI Assembly election results

2003-12-24 15:52:30
Over to you Mr Blair

Former Irish Democrat editor David Granville explores some issues raised by the recent Northern Ireland Assembly elections

2003-12-23 21:53:24
McBride struggle comes to London

Paul O'Connor looks at the significance of Kerry McBride's intervention in a recent London by-election

2003-12-23 21:35:06
World comment

Politicus casts his eye over some recent developments in Ireland, within the EU and further afield

2003-12-23 21:16:51
New editor appointed

Padraig Reidy confirmed as the new editor of the Irish Democrat

2003-07-18 10:51:57
Time for plan B

Bobbie Heatley

Northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley looks at the prognosis for Blair's strategy for devolution in the north as it continues to unravel

2003-07-18 10:31:18
Labour & trade union news

David Granville takes a look at some recent developments (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 14:26:21
John Joe Hoey: an obituary

Anthony Coughlan and Jim Savage pay tribute to one of the last links with the 1934 Republican Congress (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 14:11:52
Gearty issues civil rights alert

Global politics have been “rooted in pessimism” and operating in “a culture of fear that uses up political energy” since 11 September 2001, international human rights lawyer Conor Gearty argued recently (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 12:31:34
Court ruling puts Britain in the dock

A European Court of Human Rights on the investigation into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane has boosted demands for a full judicial inquiry (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 12:22:07
Government plans new draconian powers

The British government is planning a major extension to emergency powers for use in times of crisis (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 12:14:26
Saville inquiry breaks for the summer

The Saville inquiry shuts up shop until autumn 2003 (August/September edition)

2003-07-17 12:03:33
Kevin McNamara's 'Stevens III' speech -- in full

The full text of the speech made in the British House of Commons in May by Kevin McNamara MP

2003-05-24 08:49:01
MP backs calls for full inquiry

Former Labour Party spokesperson on Northern Ireland Kevin McNamara criticises the British government over its failure to comment on the Stevens III inquiry report on collusion between the British security forces and loyalist paramilitaries (May/June/July edition)

2003-05-24 08:37:15
Time for the real thing?

The Irish Democrat’s northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley argues that Britain’s failure to construct a framework for partial democracy in the north could stimulate calls for regime change of a different kind (May/June/July edition)

2003-05-24 08:18:30
Good Friday agreement -- 5th anniversay meeting

Paul Donovan reports on the Connolly Association’s recent one-day conference to mark the fifth anniversary of the Good Friday agreement (May/June/July edition)

2003-05-24 08:02:34
Unfinished struggle for democracy and equality

Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness assesses the Good Friday agreement — five years on (May/June/July edition)

2003-05-23 18:35:00
Editor bows out

David Granville announces he is to stand down after seven year as the editor of the print version of the Irish Democrat (May/June/July edition)

2003-05-23 18:27:10
The new age of imperialism

The Iraq war was a reversion to the naked imperialism of the 19th century argues Politicus (May/June/July 2003 edition)

2003-05-23 18:18:52
Independent PBR report reinforces abolition calls

The latest version of the plastic baton round (PBR), the L21A1, is even more dangerous than its predecessor, accroding to a recent report published by Northern Ireland’s Human Rights Commission.(May/June/July 2003 edition)

2003-05-23 18:07:33
Obituaries: Alan Morton and Andy Barr

The Irish Democrat was saddened to hear of the recent deaths of Connolly Association supporter professor Alan G Morton and Irish trade unionist and civil rights campaigner Andy Barr (May/June/July 2003 edition)

2003-05-22 18:12:44
Corporate killing law breakthrough

A government u-turn on the inclusion of a clause in the criminal justice bill to cover cases of corporate manslaughter is heralded as a breakthrough by trade unions and health and safety campaigners (May/June/July 2003 edition)

2003-05-22 12:14:15
British diplomat may face collusion charge

Sir Johm Stevens has confirmed that a former head of the notorious Force Research Unit could face charges as a result of a police investigation into collusion between the security forces and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 16:53:19
Report damns response to New Lodge killings

Moya St Leger reports on the outcome of a recent community inquiry into the deaths of six men in February 1973 (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 11:43:36
Another fine mess...

The Irish Democrat’s Belfast-based correspondent Bobbie Heatley looks behind the diplomatic dance and predicts further trouble down the line for the pro-agreement camp (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 11:35:46
Groups put human rights centre stage

Eight influemtial human-rights groups have issued a joint appeal for human rights to be placed at the centre of the political agenda in the north (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 10:20:19
Scepticism surrounds UDA 'temporary' cessation

Republicans and nationalists have reacted cautiously to an announcement by the UDA/UFF that it has embarked on a “12-month period of military inactivity” (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 10:10:01
News in brief

O'Casey archive, Harland and Woolf closes, surveillance doubles under Labour, Irish language network, six-county employment figures, Nelson case judicial review move, plastic bullets monitoring call, CAP costs, taking London out of Londonderry (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-11 09:50:38
Ex-PM Heath holds on to Bloody Sunday secrets

Former British prime minister Edward Heath dashes hopes of a breakthrough at the Bloody Sunday inquiry (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-10 14:40:02
Bombing inquiry supports collusion fears

Submissions to the Irish government inquiry into the Dublin and Managhan bombings point to collusion between loyalists and members of the British security forces (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-10 14:21:32
McBride family awaits new appeal hearing

The family of murdered Belfast teenager Peter McBride launches a fresh legal challenge to the British army board's decision to allow her son's killers to continue with their military careers (February/March/April 2003 edition)

2003-03-10 14:10:19
Obituaries: Jane Tate & Frank Clifford

The Irish Democrat pays tribute to Jane Tate and Frank Clifford who died recently (February/March/ April 2003 edition)

2003-03-10 12:05:00

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