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Ireland at the ESF

The issue of Ireland played a prominent role at the recent European Social Forum.

2004-10-25 12:47:39
Campaigning in our own interest

David Granville comments on the current state of the talks process and argues that British people need to continue to campaign on Ireland as an act of international solidarity and to protect their own interest

2004-10-25 11:47:41
Adams addresses ESF welcoming rally

SINN FÉIN president Gerry Adams MP was one of thosewho spoke at a welcoming rally at Southwark Cathedral, London, prior to the opening of the European Social Forum held in London between October 15th and 17th, 2004

2004-10-24 22:28:11
Finucane murder: time for the truth

The Pat Finucane Centre is among those to have expressed its disappointment at the British government’s latest refusal to stage a full public inquiey into the murder of solicitor Pat Finucane

2004-10-12 11:30:38
European Social Forum comes to London

The European Social Forum will be taking place in London from 15—17 October, with an welcome rally on the eveing of 14 October and ending in a solidarity demonstration in central London on the afternoon of 17th. The Connolly Assocoation, a number of leading Sinn Féin representatives and many others will be participating in the event

2004-10-12 10:32:47
Time to break with 'pro-unionist' traditions of the past

David Granville looks at the recent Leeds Castle talks and calls upon the British government to break with the tradition of propping up unionism whenever the Good Friday process reaches crisis point

2004-10-06 11:09:43
The death of Michael Donahgy

Peter Mulligan pays tribute to Irish-American poet Michael Donahgy who died recently

2004-10-05 13:27:28
Sinn Fein make big advances in recent Irish elections

The recent EU and local elections in Ireland saw Sinn Fein make big gains. John Murphy looks at the results.

2004-08-04 09:41:07
A passionate campaigner for democracy in Ireland

14 July marked the first anniversay of the death of Michael Melly, whose ashes have recently been returned to Ireland

2004-08-04 08:05:04
Connolly Association mourns the death of a friend and comrade

David Granville reports on the death of Irish Democrat six county correspondent Bobbie Heatley, a long-standing campaigner for civil rights and Irish unity

2004-07-27 20:15:46
"You are history, You are legend"

Ken Keable reports on the unveiling of a monument in Waterford in honour of the Irish volunteers who fought alongside Spanish republican forces to save Spain and Europe from fascism

2004-07-27 19:29:14
The British army's old familiar feeling

The Irish Democrat argues that it is impossible ignore the parallels between growing evidence of abuse in Iraq and the British army's conduct in Ireland, from the 1970s onwards

2004-05-26 21:27:13
Who's afraid of the GFA?

Northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley argues that despite all the efforts to paint Sinn Fein and the IRA as the villains of the piece, it is not mainstream republicans who are putting a block on the full implementation of the Good Friday deal

2004-05-26 21:18:06
Adams insists that Dublin must be prepared to defend the Good Friday agreement

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams gives his reaction to the findings of the IMC and his views on the future of the peace process

2004-05-26 15:45:04
Association appeals for help and new recruits

Connolly Association general secretary Jim Redmond appeals for members and friends of the association to get more involved in the work of ortganisation

2004-05-26 15:31:56
Waterford to honour Spanish civil war heroes

‘No Pasaran’ will be engraved on a memorial sculpture in Waterford City this summer in tribute to those who fought against fascism in Spain

2004-05-26 14:41:02
Civil-rights approach remains best option for peace and unity

David Granville looks at the unlikely coalition of forces working to undermine the Good Friday agreement and argues that it still offers the best prospects for a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Ireland and an end to partition

2004-05-26 12:21:23
BNP launches anti-immigration campaign in Ireland

The far-right British National Party stands accused of raising racial tension in Ireland as well as Britain

2004-05-26 09:48:47
IMC report may prove costly for republicans

Fallout from the publication of the International Monitoring Commission report continues

2004-05-26 09:39:04
European Social Forum comes to London

The third European Social Forum will be held in London on 15,16 and 17 October

2004-05-26 09:14:39
Unionists shift the goalposts again

Northern correspondent Bobbie Heatley takes a look at the latest ‘crisis’ in the Irish peace process

2004-04-02 08:59:55
Labour News/March 2004

David Granville reports on developments in the labour and trade union movement of relevance to Irish workers in Britain

2004-04-02 00:01:34
Irish union stalwarts take centre stage

Two prominent Irish trade unionists are elected to serve at the highest levels of their unions

2004-04-01 23:45:37
Protests highlight state collusion in sectarian murders

A series of protests held in London at the beginning of February put British involvement in the sanctioning of sectarian murders in the spotlight

2004-04-01 23:32:15
Connolly Association members visit Derry

Members of the Connolly Association visited Derry recently to take part in a march to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the Bloody Sunday massacre. Meanwhile, it was standing room only at the annual Bloody Sunday event in London

2004-04-01 23:10:58
World Comment/March 2004

Politicus comments on Ireland's presidency of the EU and the Hanly report on Irish health services

2004-04-01 17:02:22
Barron reveals suspicion of security forces collusion in Dublin-Monaghan bombs

The long-awaited Barron report into the 1974 Dublin–Monaghan bombings has found evidence of collusion between some elements of the British security forces and the loyalist paramilitaries

2004-02-01 21:49:23
The hazards of privatisation

Seamus Saidlear on the disastrous Irish privatisation experience

2004-02-01 21:33:04

The Irish Democrat mourns the passing of two former members of the Connolly Association

2004-02-01 21:26:40
Closure threat still looms over Four Provinces bookshop

The future of the four provinces bookshop remains uncertain

2004-02-01 21:21:16
World Comment/Dec 2003/Jan 2004

Politicus comments on recent developments in the EU and the British government's announcement on the introduction of ID cards

2004-02-01 15:28:04

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