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Draft opens door to vital reforms

After much delay, the British government published draft legislation opening up the prospect for a major reform of the justice system in the six counties (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 10:29:56
Bombing relatives step up the pressure

Relatives and survivors of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings call upon Britain to spped up its co-operation with the inquiry into the atrocities (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 10:20:41
MacAmhlaigh book launch

A collection of Donal MacAmlaigh's short stories is launched in London (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 10:09:55
Fegan death inquiry call renewed

Relatives and campaigners renew their call for an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Derek Fegan in Brixton prison (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 10:03:08
Recovery or eclipse: where now for the SDLP

Bobbie Heatley examines some of the challenges facing the new SDLP leadership (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 09:48:38
Plastic-bullet order condemned

Human-rights campaigners condemn decision by the now defunct NI Police Authority to purchase a further 50,000 deadly plastic bullets (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-28 09:10:31
The Afghan Terror

World Comment by Politicus (December 2001/January 2002 edition)

2001-11-27 20:50:54
Irish unity gets ICM poll boost

An ICM poll conducted recently for The Guardian newspaper has revealed that 41 per cent of Britons favour a united Ireland compared with just one in four (26 per cent) who feel that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom (October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 14:59:33
CA sponsors Thomson show

Connolly Association executive member Peter Mulligan, presented deputy head education of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, councillor David Lawrence, with a commemorative 60th anniversary badge at the opening of the George Thomson in Ireland exhibition at the Hammersmith Irish Centre at the beginning of September (October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 14:55:31
Suspended officials contest disciplinaries

Two senior Irish trade unionists face disciplinary action from their British-based union, despite overwhelming backing from the union's Irish executive (October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 14:46:49
Blair moves to prop up Trimble

Tony Blair's decision to suspend the Good Friday institutions for a third time looks certain to have postponed the political demise of the Ulster Unionist leader in whom British ministers have invested so much (October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 14:44:17
Loyalist violence - the story vanishes

Paul Donovan explains how the mainstream media's erratic coverage of loyalist attacks in the north of Ireland helps to keep people in Britain ignorant of what is really goes on there (October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 13:20:38
Hume stands down as SDLP leader

Veteran nationalist politician John Hume has announced that he is to stand down as leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party.(October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 13:01:45
Celtic tiger feeds Irish housing crisis

Entire families in the southern Irish city of Cork are sharing one-bedroom dwellings while over 3,200 people are stuck on council-accommodation waiting lists and an estimated 440 public-housing units remain unoccupied for want of repair.(October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 12:59:45
Urgent financial appeal

The Irish Democrat has set up its own easy to update website(October/November 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 12:38:44
Britannia waives the rules

Irish Democrat editor David Granville looks at the implications of the British government’s second temporary suspension of the Good Friday institutions (originally published 14 August, 2001 in the Morning Star)

2001-10-02 12:13:29
Simply folly to waive the rules

Journalist and author Kevin Toolis sets out a few basic rules for the conduct of political affairs in the north which unionist politicians and British government ministers alike would do well to heed (August/September 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 12:08:48
Governments aim to break impasse

Westminister and Dublin Governments are working on a plan to break the peace-process impasse. (August/September 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 12:04:50
The stain of Spain's dirty war

Paddy Woodworth examines how the socialist government's dirty war against armed Basque nationalist group ETA has had a corrupting influence on the restoration of Spainish democracy (August/September 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 11:57:31
Labour needs to press ahead with devolution

The former Labour spokesperson on Northern Ireland, Kevin McNamara, argues that Labour should set a target to complete the process of devolution in the next term (August/September 2001 edition)

2001-10-02 11:46:37
Unionist ambivalence is the enemy of peace

Sinn Féin's Michelle Gildernew, who succeeded unionist Ken Maginnis as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, argues that that the problem with unionism is that it remains wedded to a failed and unworkable past (August/September 2001 edition)

2001-10-01 16:08:42
New website is the new web site for the Irish Democrat.

2001-09-28 14:37:25

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